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up for a Percolate account, you will receive an [[welcome:percolate_sign_up|email]] containing your personal URL and log in information. * See also: [[welcome:percolate_sign_up|How to sign up on Percolate LMS... e person, use the example template, which is in [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] format. * See also: [[admini... rson's account details page, or have the person [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_retrieve_a_lost_password|retrieve]]
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or Tour:Changing Plan or Payment Information]], [[welcome:faqs#can_i_switch_plans_at_any_time|Can I switch ... te present. * This has been implemented as of [[welcome:release_notes#august_8_-_1120808|version 2012 Aug... 9498) ===== * Yes, the Percolate LMS supports [[welcome:glossary?s[]=scorm#scorm|SCORM]] compliant course... se are the most common versions.) * See also: [[welcome:faqs?s[]=scorm#what_version_of_scorm_does_percola
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MS™ truly enables you to leverage your training [[welcome:glossary#content|content]] for multiple purposes.... ===== When determining the content to add for a [[welcome:glossary#course|course]], consider the types of c... uestions vary by organization. In some cases, a [[welcome:glossary#blended_learning|blended]] approach is b... ^ Upload Examples ^ | [[welcome:faqs#what_is_scorm|SCORM]] Module | E-le
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ou can log in anytime from anywhere to see your [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_access_my_courses|available training]] or [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_view_my_training_history|training reports]], which is why you can use... usly created reports, saving you time. With our [[welcome:glossary#saas|SaaS]] model and [[welcome:feedback... upport Ticket System]], you can easily submit a [[welcome:glossary#ticket|ticket]] from anywhere and know t
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~~NOTOC~~ ===== Welcome to Percolate ===== [[welcome:features_list|Percolate LMS™ Features]] • [[welcome:percolate_sign_up|Sign Up]] • [[welcome:policy_information|Policies]] • [[welcome:feedback_and_support|Feedback & Support]] • [[welcome:release_notes|Release Notes]] • [[welcome:faqs|FAQ]] • [[welcome:g
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g our standard documentation 'Help' link. Use the Welcome area to link to your own documentation. * Updat... longer allowed * Bug fix - Canceling changes to Welcome Message now clears the changes * Bug fix - Brok... c button now updates example button * Bug fix - Welcome message italic and bold formatting now display co... ople and Course tabs! * New addition - editable Welcome message now available on the Dashboard * Update
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Assign people and courses ====== To assign a [[welcome:glossary#course|course]] to people or vice versa, you simply [[welcome:glossary#drag_and_drop|drag and drop]] the [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_tag_a_course|tagged course]] or [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_tag_people|tagged people]] on to each other. Once an as... trator Tour: Assigning People and Courses]] * [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_create_assignments|FAQs: How do I c
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reports Additionally, administrators can edit the welcome message that displays for everyone. ===== LMS st... ivity. Viewing this report allows you to assess [[welcome:glossary?s[]=active&s[]=user#active_user|active u... dashboard_lms_stats_2713.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Welcome ===== From the **Welcome** tab, use the editor to type and format the welcome message that displays for everyone. Click the **Save Message** button t
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ou may encounter a problem. Before you submit a [[welcome:glossary#Ticket|ticket]], you may want to check the [[welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base|Knowledge Base]] or conduct a search within the Hel... ps: - Open the ticket following the steps for [[welcome:feedback_and_support:support_ticket_system#checki... t.png?direct&600 |}} ====== See also ====== * [[welcome:feedback_and_support:community_rules|Community Ru
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and fix any bugs. If you see one, check out our [[welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base|Knowledge Base]] and use the [[welcome:feedback_and_support:support_ticket_system|Support Ticket System]]. ===== ... nown Issues ===== Bugs in Percolate LMS™ we are [[welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base|currently]] w... m the Percolate Support Team are located in the [[welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base|Knowledge Bas
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~~NOTOC~~ ====== Learner Tour: Welcome ====== Welcome! We have a nice selection of video tours to help you... inuing with any of the following resources: * [[welcome:faqs#learner_basics|FAQs: Learner Basics]] * [[welcome:glossary|Glossary]] ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Find
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details using any program that can work with a [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] file. {{ :administrator_tasks... ic Information ==== The first few fields in the [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] file contain the demographic i... t to blank or No, the person’s status is set to [[welcome:glossary#active_user|inactive]]. {{ : administra... rator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[welcome:glossary#csv|Glossary: CSV]]
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phosize into a valued expert. * Do not reopen [[welcome:glossary#bug|bugs]] or [[welcome:glossary#ticket|... ercolate community. ====== See also ====== * [[welcome:feedback_and_support:support_ticket_system#submitting_a_ticket|Submitting a Ticket]] * [[welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base|Knowledge Base
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ink, a webpage will open and display your custom welcome message. From the webpage that displays, learners... self-registration link, consider customizing the welcome message that displays. By default, the following text displays as the welcome message: “Welcome! Select the appropriate link below to log in to th
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