Percolate release notes

2014 December 11 - 1.14.3

  • New addition - The Quiz Builder now has a formatted text import tool
  • New addition - HTML5 video and players for content
  • Update - Video uploads can now be of unlimited size

2014 March 31 - 1.14.2

  • New addition - Now you can customize the default email address for all messages sent by the LMS
  • New addition - You can further 'white label' the LMS by removing our standard documentation 'Help' link. Use the Welcome area to link to your own documentation.
  • Update - Quiz Builder now allows Number of Attempts setting to be updated apart from “Is Scored” setting
  • Bug fix - Several small issues with Quiz Builder fixed
  • Bug fix - Error message for existing email address during self-registration process fixed

2014 February 27 - 1.14.1

  • Major addition - Discussions for courses and content (optional)
  • New addition - Avatar images to personalize user accounts
  • Update - Design cleanup on People, Courses, and Assign pages

2013 October 10 - 1.12.14

  • Major addition - LCA (Learner Certainty Assessments) now an option for Percolate quizzes
  • New addition - Quiz pages can now be duplicated
  • New addition - Quizzes now have a development mode for testing before deployment
  • New addition - You (current logged-in person) are now identified in the People list
  • Update - Quiz Builder interface updated to fix all known bugs, improve interface
  • Update - Quiz Viewer updated to match new Quiz Builder interface
  • Update - More complete example people import CSV file
  • Update - Required course assignments are now indicated on the Dashboard course list
  • Update - Dashboard now correctly updates quiz status after it's been completed
  • Update - Twitter feed option removed completely now that the API has been discontinued
  • Bug fix - Imported people no longer sent email if they are marked as not active
  • Bug fix - Fixed tag area display issues in Chrome browsers
  • Bug fix - Fixed error when using the tag self registration feature
  • Bug fix - Fixed error that would appear if SCORM content uploads were manually halted

2013 August 07 - 1.12.13

  • Update - Grande plan changed to 1000 users at $1099
  • Update - Dashboard Favorite Reports tab for administrators now includes an instruction video
  • Update - Twitter's API changes have caused us to temporarily remove the Tweets widget from the dashboard
  • Bug fix - Incorrect content description field size limit removed
  • Bug fix - Empty course list on Dashboard grammatical error corrected
  • Bug fix - Assignments no longer show tags that have been 'emptied'

2013 March 28 - 1.12.12

  • New addition - New 'Information' field now available for People accounts
  • Update - Improved informational messages about quizzes which have been taken
  • Update - Uploads now opened up to all types of files
  • Update - New notice when updating favorite reports
  • Update - Quiz builder page type selection now much improved
  • Update - Moved CSV export for all quiz results to quiz builder
  • Update - Improved quiz CSV export format and faster export times
  • Bug fix - Quiz Builder no longer allows a multiple choice question with no correct answer
  • Bug fix - Tag names containing only whitespace no longer allowed
  • Bug fix - Canceling changes to Welcome Message now clears the changes
  • Bug fix - Broken image placeholder no longer appears on quiz pages in IE and Chrome
  • Bug fix - Content launch button no longer attempts to launch non-quiz content as a quiz
  • Bug fix - Names with quote characters now fully editable
  • Bug fix - Editing a quiz page no longer removes an uploaded image
  • Bug fix - Quiz page image file paths corrected
  • Bug fix - Quiz score rounding error corrected
  • Bug fix - Internet Explorer rendering problems fixed
  • Bug fix - Color customization of basic button now updates example button
  • Bug fix - Welcome message italic and bold formatting now display correctly
  • Bug fix - Course CSV export now displays the URL type correctly

2013 February 6 - 1.12.11

  • Major addition - new Quiz Builder allows the creation of multi-page scored quizzes!
  • Major addition - tags can now be managed completely from the People and Course tabs!
  • New addition - editable Welcome message now available on the Dashboard
  • Update - content scores now visible in the reports
  • Update - tag clouds are now easier to read
  • Update - email from Communicate can now be “From” administrators' own email addresses
  • Bug fix - stylistic issues addressed for Chrome browsers
  • Bug fix - deleting non-existant tags from people via CSV file no longer causes error
  • Bug fix - content arrangement arrows (up and down) fixed for IE browsers
  • Bug fix - editing a Person's data after creation no longer shows spurious error
  • Bug fix - login activity CSV report no longer duplicating entries
  • Bug fix - removing SCORM results from content editing page no longer displays errors

2012 November 13 - 1.121010

  • Major addition - New self-registration feature! (Allowing basic e-commerce support!)
  • New addition - SCORM interaction data has been added to the HTML and CSV reports
  • New addition - You can now add any URL as content to a Percolate course
  • New addition - We now have a proper ticketing support system, administrators given link
  • New addition - New content preview option lets administrators launch and test content before assigning it
  • Update - Info message notifies an attempt to add duplicate tags to a person or course
  • Update - Now adding or removing content from a course does not update existing course statuses
  • Update - Twitter API changed, we've updated our code to match
  • Bug fix - Manage Reports permission can now access reports for tags
  • Bug fix - Fixed bug in the course status display
  • Bug fix - Report snapshots now correct for Person report

2012 September 17 - 1.120912

  • New addition - Ability to require that a course be taken in order
  • New addition - Ability to replace existing content files with new ones
  • Update - New “Select All” option added to Communicate feature
  • Update - New default “Available” tab added to Dashboard course list
  • Update - Drag-and-drop alternative interactions for mobile use
  • Bug fix - Internet Explorer drag-and-drop fix for content ordering
  • Bug fix - Status and completion date now correct for all content types
  • Bug fix - SCORM score.raw value now returning correctly

2012 August 23 - 1.120822

  • Major addition - new beta Communicate feature allows you to send email messages to people by tag
  • New addition - there are now handy 'action buttons' on the People list, Course list, and Tag list pages
  • New addition - course content can now be altered (renamed/described) or removed from a course altogether
  • New addition - clicking on Login Activity on the Dashboard now yields a downloadable CSV report
  • New addition - 'Snapshot' area added to reports to show a quick summary of the report data
  • Update - the right-hand help 'callouts' have been replaced with orange help icons with expanding help
  • Update - inactive users are now given more specific feedback when trying to log into the LMS
  • Update - tags are now checked for 'padding' spaces around the name to avoid what would appear to be duplication
  • Update - the SCORM debug terminal now displays SCORM error codes along with the existing human-readable messages when errors are encountered
  • Update - 'Advanced Settings' are now collapsed when creating or editing a person
  • Bug fix - IE display bug fixed on the color customization page
  • Bug fix - time issues with SCORM fixed
  • Bug fix - email notification of new tenant signup fixed
  • Bug fix - incorrect dialogs no longer appear after using the pagination in list pages
  • Bug fix - SCORM interaction patterns now accepting correct input
  • Bug fix - course and content statuses now correct and more semantically clear

2012 August 8 - 1.120808

  • Major addition - custom colors and logo: completely customize look of the entire LMS
  • Major addition - CSV imports to create and update existing accounts for people
  • Major addition - CSV exports of people, courses, tags, and all course training records
  • Major addition - CSV export of all reports
  • New addition - added support for SCORM interactions
  • New addition - new person registration email
  • Update - improved handling of SCORM objectives
  • Update - color added to the SCORM terminal to highlight incoming, outgoing, and errors
  • Update - password reset/forgot password now more secure
  • Update - searching people now also searches usernames
  • Update - we're no longer in beta, so everything is perfect
  • Update - favorite report management has improved
  • Bug fix - course status (or progress) text more clearly reflects all of its content statuses
  • Bug fix - inactive users can be created from scratch

2012 June 4 - 1.120604

  • New addition - SCORM Objectives now supported!
  • Update - people remaining in plan count now visible on Create Person page
  • Update - account page now displays active credit card details (exp date, etc.)
  • Bug fix - overflow of long names fixed on all page title areas

2012 May 29 - 1.120529

  • New addition - LMS account page now includes current invoice/payment information
  • Update - Dashboard report now visually indicates if active person count exceeds plan limit

2012 May 21 - 1.120521

  • New addition - we now support SSL for security and have a GeoTrust site certificate for all hosted clients
  • Update - we now support all SCORM 1.2 “mandatory” data model items
  • Update - twitter feed now uses SSL for all communication
  • Update - a person's 'snapshot' message now reflects inactive status
  • Bug fix - corrected login behavior which might have been confusing
  • Bug fix - form validation messages when editing people no longer cause page display problems
  • Bug fix - reports properly filter inactive people

2012 May 14 - 1.120514

  • New addition - added links from the LMS to the LMS Help Center wiki
  • New addition - automatic email notification of new LMS signups
  • Update - added more SCORM runtime data elements, getting closer to full 1.2 compliance
  • Update - course status column now shows “Not Started” until the course has been started
  • Update - added Excel and Powerpoint to allowed content upload types
  • Bug fix - corrected the course content display order

2012 May 7 - 1.120507

  • New addition - SCORM min/max and scaled score data tracking
  • New addition - SCORM error messages now supported
  • Update - People page now shows usernames in addition to full names
  • Bug fix - course delete button now displays properly

2012 April 30 - 1.120430

  • New addition - Help Center link added to the header
  • Update - home/dashboard course list items now bold to help differentiate them from content
  • Bug fix - date checking in the assignment due date entry
  • Bug fix - phantom duplicates can no longer occur after using assignment 'undo' feature

2012 April 23 - 1.000000

First beta release of Percolate!

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