Knowledge Base: Billing

Are you able to provide a quote that will allow 40 people access to the LMS with a per seat pricing for an additional 50 people? (Ticket #224287)

  • With only 40 people with active accounts it will cost you $174 per month or $4.35 per person per month. That breaks down to using the Small base plan ($99 per month) and adding an additional 15 extra seats at $5.00 apiece.
  • With a total of 90 students (original 40 plus 50 more) it will be best to move up to the Medium plan. The cost per month for the medium plan is $299.00 or 2.99 per student, if you have 100 Students. With just 90 students the seat count would be $3.32 per person per month.
  • If you were to stick with the Small plan with 90 students it will cost you $424 (or $4.71 per seat).
  • In summary, below are the totals based on the number of seats by the Plan:
Seats Small Plan Medium Plan
40 $174 total (4.35 per seat) $299 total (7.47 per seat)
90 $424 total (4.71 per seat) $299 total (3.32 per seat)
  • Percolate’s plans are very flexible. You can switch plans at any time during the month without penalty. This will allow you to manage your costs as your seat counts change.

Knowledge Base: Support

Multiple choice question missing (Ticket #651684)

  • After launching a quiz created with the quiz builder, one of my answers, for a multiple-choice question, was missing.
  • After building a quiz, it’s a good idea to launch your quiz to review and test that everything displays and functions the way you intended. If it is not, you can edit quiz settings and questions.

CSV Export (Ticket #203326)

  • Can you add the ability for me to export my reports? For course reports, can you please include course start date, due date, date launched, completed date and course status.
  • We have added this feature so all reports can be exported. Due to the timing of this feature, course start dates will only show dates after 6/15/2012/ If you started a course before that date, there is no start date present.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.

Are you able to support three existing SCORM compliant courses on the LMS? (Ticket #239498)

Can't edit content names (Ticket #256048)

  • I typed the name of my course incorrectly and I can't change it. Can you add the necessary functionality to allow content names to be edited?
  • Thanks for mentioning this. We will be adding this ability shortly.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.

Add Email Notification when a new person has been added (Ticket #308106)

  • After a main admin has added a learner (manually or via batch import CSV file), the LMS will send an email to the learner to let them know that they have been added.
  • Also, the learner should be able to reply to this email if they have a question. We should allow the tenant (client) to set the Reply To email address.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.
  • See also: Adding a person

Custom Logo (Ticket #327204)

Error While Registering - Authentication: Sorry, attempted to get a name, but you're not logged in! (Ticket #356996)

  • Thank you again for bringing the registration error to our attention. We have made an update to the Percolate registration process and have resolved the issue. We have verified that your LMS has been successfully created and it is ready for you to demo. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • See also: Release Notes

SCORM Terminal: Helpful Messages (Ticket #720140)

  • Make the SCORM Terminal as easy to read as possible? I want the messages to be in written in English and give the admin a clear picture of what the course sent and what the LMS was expecting.
  • Yes, this is currently being added. You will be able to see this in a near future release. Thanks for the request!
  • Also adding some coloring to help the 'errors' or 'fails' stand out.
    • Red = request or call failed, something we want to happen did not happen.
    • Light blue (regular blue hard to read on black background) - a request for something to happen has occurred (like a get or set)
    • Green - Success - the request for something to happen occurred.
  • Added more user friend messages to the console. Also added some coloring to allow users to quickly see input and outputs on the screen. When course makes a request the request is written in a light blue. When the LMS sends a response to the course, the response is in green. If the request or response fails the result show is in red.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.

Help! My tag names mis-aligns the edit page (Ticket #723584)

  • When I create a long tag it makes the rest of the page look funny.
  • Thank you. This has been fixed. Very long tag names that overflow the title are are now cropped.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 May 29 - 1.120529.

A selection of custom color themes for Percolate (Ticket #756823)

  • Create a selection of custom branding/themes/color schemes that a client can choose from to customize their look and feel of Percolate.
  • We've built out this feature with color picking and a live preview option that allows for easy, custom branding.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.

Need to add a mass learner up-load tool (Ticket #782261)

  • A tool/wizard needs to be added that allows an Admin User the ability to upload a list learners to the LMS. The Admin may just need to upload a formatted csv file.
  • We are looking into importing for both people and tags. We'll have a sample CSV for download which will demonstrate the format the importer will expect.
  • A key challenge for the import will be to import people AND tag them at the same time. The importer will be smart enough to create the tags as needed.
  • This has been implemented as of version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808.

Do you support Self-Registration? (Ticket #787713)

  • Does you product offer self-registration capability? We do not have the resources to load learner data (bulk load is not applicable) and so want learners to self-register. We also need the capability to provide an access code or coupon that will grant learners access to only courses for which they are authorized. Is that possible 'as is,' that is, without have to pay for customization?
  • At this point the Percolate LMS does not offer a self-registration option. But we constantly adding new features to Percolate and we have added your idea to our new feature idea list.
  • We don’t have access codes either. But access codes would work nicely with our existing tagging system. With tagging, a learner or group of learners can be marked and given permission to take certain training. For example if new training has been added to the LMS just for managers then only people that have been tagged as a “manager” will get that training. You can have an unlimited number of tags in the Percolate LMS so the tags could easily represent access codes.

Electronic Signatures & FDA Title 21 CFR 11 Requirements (Ticket #814279)

  • Sat, Oct 27 2012 12:22pm: In particular, we're going to need a solution that meets FDA Title 21 CFR 11 regulatory requirements, and if possible, works with the FDA 510(k) regulations.
  • The Percolate LMS does not meet the FDA Title 21 CFR 11 regulatory requirements at this time. We have started exploring what it might take to add support for FDA Title 21 electronic signatures to our LMS.
  • Over time, features that continually bubble up will most likely to be added to the Percolate LMS. A good portion of what we work on starts as a customer request.
  • The FDA 510(k) regulations appear to be for medical devices. Is there any particular requirement specific to these regulations to which an LMS would need to adhere? If so, we'd love to know more about it so that we might consider adding support for it as well.
  • Let us know if you get title 21 support incorporated. As for FDA 510(k) regulations - I wouldn't worry too much about it. Under certain circumstances that I don't entirely understand, you can include training as part of the approved FDA device, which increases the barrier to entry for a competitor.
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