Learner Basics

What can I do from the Dashboard?

  • From the Dashboard, you can view a report of your coursework, access your training courses and read system announcements.

What is a course?

How do I access my courses?

How do I edit my account or change my password?

  • Click on your name to access your account settings and edit your account or change your password.
  • See also: Account

How do I retrieve a lost password?

  • Select the Forgot your password? Click here! link from the log in page for your LMS. Once you enter your username, Percolate LMS™ sends a new password to the email address associated with your account. If you have problems with the email address associated with your account, contact your Percolate LMS™ administrator.

How do I view my training history?

  • Click on your name to view a snapshot of your course activity from account settings.

What is a tag?

  • A tag is a keyword associated with a person or course used to group, filter, assign and report course data.

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What are the minimum system requirements for the Percolate LMS™?

  • You will need a broadband Internet connection and a JavaScript-enabled Web browser. Currently, we support Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 2+, Google Chrome and Safari browsers.

How do I access my Percolate LMS™ after I sign up for my free trial?

Why should I provide an email address when I create a new account?

  • When users have a valid email address, they can retrieve a forgotten or lost password at any time without asking you for assistance.
  • You can use the Communicate tab to send emails to users with a valid email address based on their tags.

How many hours of phone support do I get with my subscription?

  • You receive two complementary hours of phone support with your subscription.

How do I create a new person or group of people?

How do I reset a person’s password?

How do I edit a group of people at once?

How do I search for an existing person?

How do I change a person’s permissions?

How do I activate or deactivate a person’s account?

  • From the People tab, find the person and edit his or her profile. Select the Active checkbox to toggle the account from activate to inactive.
  • See also: Activate person

What is an active user count?

  • The number of people who are active users on you organizations account. An administrator can change whether a person is active by editing a user’s permissions.

What happens if my active user count or data storage limit exceeds the amount allowed by my plan?

  • If the number of active users or data-storage limit exceeds the amount allowed by your plan, we will contact you to discuss an option that better suits your needs. Whether that means inactivating users, removing data or upgrading to a different plan, we are here to help.

Can I switch plans at any time?

Why use tags?

Where do I see a list of my tags?

How do I add a tag?

How do I tag people?

How do I tag a course?

How do I create assignments?

How do I make an assignment required?

How do I set a due date for an assignment?

What type of reporting will I find on my Dashboard?

How do I view a report for a person?

Why don’t I see a tab where I can run reports?

  • Percolate integrates reports throughout, so you have the power and flexibility to run reports where and when you need them. Access the People tab to run reports on individuals or groups of people. Access the Courses tab to run reports on single courses or course collections. Access the Dashboard to see reports that enable LMS management.

How do I make a report a favorite?

How do I share a favorite report?

  • Custom reports are shared as favorite reports when an administrator selects Save As a New Favorite Report.

Who can see favorite reports?

Can I export data?

Do you offer consultation service for Percolate LMS™ configuration and best practices directed to my individual training needs?

  • Yes. We have a knowledgeable team that can work with you to develop your LMS training plan and your initial LMS setup.

What is SCORM?

How do I add a course to Percolate LMS™?

How do I add content to a course?

How do I build assessments using Percolate?

  • From a course, click the Quiz Builder content type, complete the settings page and add your questions.

Are there any limits to the size of a file I can upload?

  • Currently there is a 100MB limit for uploaded files. If your content is over 100MB, contact us and we’ll work with you to get the files uploaded.

What type of files can I upload?

How do I change the order that content appears to learners?

  • Yes, you can link to training or web pages. Use the same steps as if you were adding course content. A word of caution; you must upload SCORM modules into Percolate so interaction details track properly.

What version of SCORM does Percolate LMS™ support?

  • Percolate LMS™ supports SCORM version 1.2 and SCORM version 2004.

Does Percolate LMS™ support multiple SCOs?

  • Currently we do not support multiple SCOs, but we are working on it.

Does Percolate LMS™ store the SCORM interaction data so I can run reports on it?

  • Currently we do not support storing SCORM interaction data, but we are working on it.

How do I use the built-in SCORM troubleshooting tool?

  • Once the permission is turned on to view the SCORM terminal, launch a SCORM course and the console will open automatically, displaying the communication between the course and the LMS.

What if the course console doesn’t display?

  • Access your profile and verify that you have the View SCORM terminal permission and the SCORM Terminal On setting turned on.
  • If you cannot access your profile, or you do not see the advance settings on your profile, ask your Percolate LMS™ administrator to verify the settings on your profile.

Do you offer consultation service that can help us create blended learning, eLearning or instructor led training?

  • Yes! We have almost fifteen years of training consultation experience and would be happy to discuss your training needs. Set up an initial consultation (at no charge) to determine which services meet your business needs, resources and budget, by visiting our Contact page.

How do I submit a ticket?

How do I ask a question about billing or my account?

Do you accept requests for feature ideas?

  • Yes, we encourage requests for feature ideas. If you have a feature idea that would help you and reduce LMS complexity, we want to hear about it.
  • See also: Submitting a ticket, Systems Tour

What is happening with my ticket?

  • Every time we work on your ticket, you’ll receive an email. You can also log into the Support Ticket System to check the status of your submitted ticket.
  • See also: Checking a ticket, Systems Tour

Can I update a ticket that I submitted?

  • Yes, you can always update your ticket from within the Support Ticket System.
  • See also: Updating a ticket, Systems Tour

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