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assword? ===== * Click on your [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings#edit_account_informatio... Adding and maintaining people]], [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|Account settings]], =... g]] users, removing data or [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings#updating_your_plan|... s-a-service (SaaS), you can [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|change your plan or
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640px center :en> //**__Part 4: Editing Tags and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Edit tags and [[administra... LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 4: Editing Tags and Viewing Reports}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggre... center :en> //**__Part 6: Maintaining People and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Find, edit, review a repor... Administrator Tour Part 6: Maintaining People and Viewing Reports}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggreen
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center :en> //**__Part 6: Maintaining People and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Find, edit, review a repor... Administrator Tour Part 6: Maintaining People and Viewing Reports}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggreen... _Part 8: Adding Content, Maintaining Courses, and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Learn the available [[admi... Part 8: Adding Content, Maintaining Courses, and Viewing Repots}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggreen
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** tabs to create and view this structure. ===== Viewing a list of your tags ===== View a list of your tag... displays the details for that specific tag. When viewing the details for a tag, you can maintain that tag ... enaming the tag * [[administrator_tasks:reports|Viewing a report]] * Assigning people and courses * ... ag_selected.png?direct&600 |}} Additionally, when viewing a tag’s details from the **People** tab, you can
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the **Dashboard**, learners can [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|track progress]], [[learner_basics:... ch for and launch courses]], and [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|manage their profiles]]... e who are using the LMS and their login activity. Viewing this report allows you to assess [[welcome:glossa... r your plan limits. You can [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|change your plan]]
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e these steps, see your LMS administrator. ===== Viewing the SCORM terminal from the Courses tab ===== When viewing the SCORM terminal from the Courses tab you’ll see the result for SCORM, the content, and ... delete your records from troubleshooting. ===== Viewing the SCORM terminal from the Dashboard ===== When viewing the SCORM terminal from the Dashboard, you’ll see communications between the content and the
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====== Viewing your progress ====== You can track your progress from the **Dashboard** or by viewing your a... igned courses, you will not see this chart. ===== Viewing your transcript ===== You can view your transcrip... m within [[|account settin
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acking Your Progress}}See how to [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|view your progress]] as you start a... Managing Your Profile}}View your [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|account settings]] such... Finding and taking courses]] * [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|Viewing your progress]] * [[learn
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n Percolate, all people can: * [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress#my_courses_tab|View a course progre... allows you to choose permissions per person when viewing their profile. ^ Permission ^ Explan... CORM Terminal On** setting as an [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|account setting]].
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trator_tasks:courses:learner_certainty_assessment#viewing_quiz_results|Download a report that shows quiz re... * [[administrator_tasks:courses:learner_certainty_assessment#viewing_quiz_results|Viewing quiz results]]
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s, tags, reports and the Twitter feed, as well as viewing reports and the developer’s debug terminal. ====... , reports are generated from the [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|Dashboard]], [[administrator_tasks:... created and saved to the **Dashboard** for quick viewing later. ===== RSS ===== Really Simple Syndication
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====== Mobile 101: Viewing content on your mobile device ====== Percolate is a learning management system,... your courses. Consequently, if you have problems viewing your course [[welcome:glossary#|content]] after l
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ile|Profile Management]] • [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|LMS account setting... ertainty_assessments|Quizzes]] • [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|View progress]] • [[learner_basics:
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witch plans at any time?]], [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|Viewing and updatin
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