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==== Internal ==== Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[pag... ame|link text]]. Internal links are created by using square brackets. You can either just give a [[p... not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by using a colon in the pagename. For details about namespaces see [[doku>namespaces]].
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semble text, graphics, audio and video components using authoring software to create training courseware.... in which a person indicates his/her selection by using a mouse or pointing device to select graphic elem... systematic development of instructional materials using learning and instructional theory to ensure the q... l of certainty that their answer is correct. When using LCA, there is no scoring penalty or reward. The v
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ck. Learners respond to multiple-choice questions using a radio button and by clicking a button to submit... feedback. Learners respond to matching questions using a drop-down menu and by clicking a button to subm... ons in your question text, like the following: //“Using the drop-down menu, select a numbered item from t
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in Chrome browsers * Bug fix - Fixed error when using the tag self registration feature * Bug fix - F... ug fix - incorrect dialogs no longer appear after using the pagination in list pages * Bug fix - SCORM ... ix - phantom duplicates can no longer occur after using assignment 'undo' feature ===== 2012 April 23 -
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you can view reports onscreen or download them. Using the above example, say you want to see reports fo... in peril. Welcome to the power and flexibility of using tags! ====== See also: ====== * [[administra
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iPad, iPod Touch and Android * Compose courses using any [[administrator_tasks:orientation:courses:cou... 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliant modules * Continue using your favorite course building tools with confiden
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es a quick glance at the number of people who are using the LMS and their login activity. Viewing this re... t having to recreate them. When you save a report using this functionality, it is viewable from the **Das
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RLs | | [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_build_assessments_using_percolate|Assessments]] | Assessments| ===== Attachments ===== Using Percolate LMS™ you can also provide your learners with content
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urse ===== Find a course from the **Courses** tab using search and filtering capabilities. ===== Searchi... ourses by tag ===== You can also find a course by using the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_ta
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====== Using the template to bulk upload people ====== With Percolate LMS™, importing multiple people co... template to add your own people and their details using any program that can work with a [[welcome:glossa
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r certainty assessments ====== Assessments built using the [[administrator_tasks:courses:creating_assess... ward for indicating your certainty. The payoff of using LCA is that the results provide you with a clear
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M is a communication protocol that allows courses using the SCORM standard, such as Articulate, Camtasia ... course content]] ===== How do I build assessments using Percolate? ===== * From a course, click the **
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rson ===== Find a person from the **People** tab using search and filtering capabilities. ===== Search... people by tag ===== You can also find a person by using the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_ta
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. You can streamline your Percolate transcript by using the archive and [[learner_basics:finding_taking_c
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