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o users with a valid email address based on their tags. ===== How many hours of phone support do I ge... and updating LMS account settings]] ===== Why use tags? ===== * Tags are required for [[administrator... asks:reports|creating reports]]. You can also use tags to [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag... ion:tagging:tagging_102|Tagging 102: The power of tags]] and [[administrator_tasks:reports|Creating and
administrator_tasks:people:importing_people_with_example_template: 13 Hits
strator_tasks:import-0002.png?direct&600 |}} ==== Tags ==== The next two columns allow you to set or delete tags. You don’t need to add tags to import people; you can leave this blank. However, it’s impo... ck them with reports]]. The column labeled user_tags allows you to associate [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|tags]] to your people. If the tag doesn’t currently exist, it is automaticall
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| [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags#adding_a_new_tag|Add]], [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags#editing_an_existing_tag|edit]] or [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags#deleting_a_tag|delete]] tags. | | ::: | [[administrator_tasks:as... publish favorite reports for people, courses and tags. | | ::: | View [[a
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====== Tagging 102: The power of tags ====== The basis for any LMS is to track people and course data. O... ures of the Percolate LMS™ is its tagging system. Tags allow you to assign and track course data with ea... iate]] [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|tags]], making assignments is intuitive. For exa... . ===== Track learning with reports ===== Custom tags allow administrators to create their own combinat
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orrected * Bug fix - Assignments no longer show tags that have been 'emptied' ===== 2013 March 28 - 1... f multi-page scored quizzes! * Major addition - tags can now be managed completely from the People and... rome browsers * Bug fix - deleting non-existant tags from people via CSV file no longer causes error ... Info message notifies an attempt to add duplicate tags to a person or course * Update - Now adding or
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====== Create and maintain tags ====== In Percolate, you’ll use tags to create the structure for your c... iew this structure. ===== Viewing a list of your tags ===== View a list of your tags on the correspondi... e name in **Add new tag** field. You can also add tags by entering a new tag name while adding and maint... ion:tagging:tagging_102|Tagging 102: The power of tags]] * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour:
welcome:glossary: 6 Hits
s|permissions]] include managing people, courses, tags, reports and the Twitter feed, as well as viewing... ographic region, product line, department, etc.). Tags are used to make course assignments, and they are... earning assignments in Percolate are made through tags.//** Only tagged people can be [[administrator_ta... ople). ===== Tag Cloud ===== A collection of all tags in use shown by their popularity by size and colo
administrator_tasks:administrator_tour2: 6 Hits
fgblack 640px center :en> //**__ Part 3: Creating Tags __**// <WRAP > Learn how to create and use both course and people tags. </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP center> {{ youtube>Opd243WEoGQ?640x360... ercolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 3: Creating Tags}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggreen fgblack 640px center :en> //**__Part 4: Editing Tags and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Edit tags and [[adm
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g), enclose the area either with ''%%<nowiki>%%'' tags or even simpler, with double percent signs ''<now... e used for the previous examples) or by using the tags ''%%<code>%%'' or ''%%<file>%%''. This is text... ents by using the ''%%<html>%%'' or ''%%<php>%%'' tags. (Use uppercase tags if you need to enclose block... n. If [[doku>config:htmlok|HTML]] is disabled all tags will be stripped | | //n//[dhm] | refresh period,
administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person: 4 Hits
t a person ===== You can edit a person's details, tags and permissions. ===== Editing a person ===== To... - **Phone Number** - **Information** - **Tags** - **Permissions** - **Settings** -... ]] * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[administrator_ta
welcome:feedback_and_support:knowledge_base: 4 Hits
We are looking into importing for both people and tags. We'll have a sample CSV for download which will ... . The importer will be smart enough to create the tags as needed. * This has been implemented as of [[... hat training. You can have an unlimited number of tags in the Percolate LMS so the tags could easily rep
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You can edit a course's title, description and/or tags at any time. You can also delete a course; howeve... Edit** area, change the title, description and/or tags. {{ :developer_tools:admin-0023_c.png?direct&600... ]] * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[administrator_ta
administrator_tasks:people:edit_people: 4 Hits
ils]], [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|tags]], [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_role... ivate|Activate a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]]
administrator_tasks:people:enabling_self_registration: 3 Hits
*. To make assignments, the people and the course tags must have at least one person and one course asso... ]] * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[administrator_ta
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