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when you select the Learner Certainty Assessments setting. With the Quiz Builder, you can: * Choose set... ing phase, leave the default **Live/Development** setting of **Development mode** selected. This option let... age** or **Add new page after this page**. ===== Setting question order ===== You can display your questio... *Edit quiz settings** button and make the desired setting changes. * To edit a page, access the quiz, cl
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file. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|Roles and permissions]] ===== H... by editing a user’s [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]]. ===== What happ... o: [[administrator_tasks:assigning_people_courses#setting_assignment_options|Setting assignment options]] =... e who has the proper [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] can see favorite
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ewable when both the [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|View SCORM Terminal permission]] and the [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|SCORM Terminal On setting]] are che... l checkbox**. - Check the **SCORM Terminal On** setting. - Click **Save Changes**. **Note:** If you ar... aining courses]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|Course content]] * [[welcome:
administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions: 4 Hits
| Reset [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] for other users.|... | Manage the **SCORM Terminal On** setting as an [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|account setting]]. | Sometimes too many choices can be daunting. That is why w... ustrate how you may want to use Percolate. ===== Setting or changing a person's permissions ===== A person
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sk people how certain they are of their answers** setting. You can choose whether learners see the results ... *Show a certainty report at the end of the quiz** setting. {{ :administrator_tasks:courses:enable_lca.png?
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e you the freedom to [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|tailor permissions]] for every ... See also ====== * [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|Roles and permissions]] * [[w
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ignment. It’s automatically done for you. ===== Setting assignment options ===== To set assignment option... d People** or **Tagged Courses** areas, not both. Setting assignments in one or the other areas makes the c
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date - Quiz Builder now allows Number of Attempts setting to be updated apart from "Is Scored" setting *
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mns allow you to add [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] for a person. Acc... aintain people]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|Roles and permissions]] * [[a
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edit. The different [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] include managing ... nt. Depending on the [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] provided, users m
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cess and set the domain name for your LMS. ===== Setting your domain name ===== To set your domain name, p
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], [[administrator_tasks:assigning_people_courses#setting_assignment_options|set options]] or [[administrat
learner_basics:self_register_course: 1 Hits
MS sends you an email to set your password. ===== Setting your password ===== To set your password, perfor
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pical profiles]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions|Roles and permissions]] * [[a
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