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tering_courses_by_tag|keyword]] associated with a person or course used to group, filter, assign and repor... your subscription. ===== How do I create a new person or group of people? ===== * From the **People*... tab, click the [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Click here to add a new person]] link and fill ou... ser profile information. * To add more than one person, use the example template, which is in [[welcome:
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====== Activate a person ====== [[welcome:glossary#account_administrator|Account administrators]] can choose to activate, deactivate or delete a person at any time. Activating a person enables that individu... our organization’s account. If you deactivate a person, they cannot log in, and they do not show up in reports. If at a later time, you reactivate the person, their past and current history is not lost and d
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ministrator ===== An account administrator is the person who is billed for an account. This person has con... ive users in a given account. An active user is a person who has been designated as “Active” on his/her pr... dministrator. Account administrators may change a person’s status to active or inactive at any time. An ac... signment ===== A tagged course assigned to tagged person or group of people. Assignments are made from the
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====== Activate person ====== [[percolate_101:glossary#account_administrator|Account administrators]] can choose to activate, deactivate or delete a person at any time. Activating a person enables that indi... our organization’s account. If you deactivate a person, they cannot login, and they do not show up in reports. If at a later time you reactivate the person, their past and current history is not lost and d
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nd permissions ====== Permissions control what a person can view and perform in the Percolate LMS™ enviro... ibility that allows you to choose permissions per person when viewing their profile. ^ Permission ... | [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add]], [[administrator_tasks:people:activate_deac... e|activate]], [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|edit]] and [[administrator_tasks:people:activate_
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, you’ll find snapshot and detailed reports for a person or group of people associated with a tag. Snapsho... hboard|Favorite Report]]. {{ :administrator_tasks:person_report_settings.png?direct&600 |}} ==== People s... People snapshots display the number of courses a person has started or completed and the number of people associated with a tag. * **Person snapshot**\\ To see a snapshot for a person, click the **People
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===== Edit a person ===== You can edit a person's details, tags and permissions. ===== Editing a person ===== To edit a person, perform the following steps: - Click on the **People** tab. - Click the **Actions** icon for a person or click the person’s name. - Edit any of the following fields: -... People]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:find_a_person|Find a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:
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on the **People** tab, which helps you map every person’s data to the correct fields. As an administrator... you enter for [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|adding a person]]. {{ : administrator_tasks:impo... are blank, Yes or No. If set to blank or No, the person’s status is set to [[welcome:glossary#active_user... ple:setting_roles_permissions|permissions]] for a person. Acceptable values for these cells are blank, Yes
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===== Find a person ===== Find a person from the **People** tab using search and filtering capabilities. ===== Searching for a person by name ===== To search, enter a few letters in the **Search by name*... ns the letter you typed. Type more letters in the person’s name to narrow your results. {{ :administrator... Filtering people by tag ===== You can also find a person by using the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_cou
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loyment * New addition - You (current logged-in person) are now identified in the People list * Update... wn) fixed for IE browsers * Bug fix - editing a Person's data after creation no longer shows spurious er... ge notifies an attempt to add duplicate tags to a person or course * Update - Now adding or removing con... ay * Bug fix - Report snapshots now correct for Person report ===== 2012 September 17 - 1.120912 =====
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ople:activate_deactivate|Activate or deactivate a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|Edit a person]] * [[administrator_tas... people]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:find_a_person#filtering_people_by_tag|Filter people by tag]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:find_a_person|Find a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:import
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===== Send a reset password email ===== If a person has forgotten their password, click the **Send a rese... il address on the account. The email provides the person with a link to reset their password. Before sendi... the correct email address is on file and that the person’s account is active. {{ :administrator_tasks:adm... le** tab. - [[administrator_tasks:people:find_a_person|Find the person]], and click on his or her **Edit
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n addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|editing one person]] at a time, administrators ca... - Edit the [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|details]], [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintai... people]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|Edit a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:activate_deactivate|Activate a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create a
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In addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|adding one person]] at a time, administrators can... port multiple people into the LMS. To ensure that person's details map correctly into the fields, download... details, tags, permissions and settings for every person you want to add. - From the **People** tab, cli... template]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:s
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