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====== The Percolate LMS Development Guide ====== The founding philosophies of the Percolate LMS were largel... nd loaded with inspiring ideas and quotes. ===== Percolate's Goal ===== The Percolate LMS has a single goal... re on any device. The ideal client would come to Percolate out of a desire for this simplicity. They would ... can (and should) continue to beautify and perfect Percolate over time so that it is always getting closer to
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page for your LMS. Once you enter your username, Percolate LMS™ sends a new password to the email address as... ddress associated with your account, contact your Percolate LMS™ administrator. ===== How do I view my train... What are the minimum system requirements for the Percolate LMS™? ===== * You will need a broadband Interne... me and Safari browsers. ===== How do I access my Percolate LMS™ after I sign up for my free trial? ===== *
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. This person has control of all aspects of their Percolate account, including people, courses, assignments a... is the page you see when you first log on to the Percolate LMS™. From here, you can view reports, take or ar... urses?s[]=dashboard|Dashboard]] tab when visiting Percolate. ===== Database ===== A collection of informatio... the screen to illustrate their choice(s). Within Percolate, administrators use a drag and drop interface to
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.71 per seat) | $299 total (3.32 per seat) | * Percolate’s plans are very flexible. You can switch plans a... s on the LMS? (Ticket #239498) ===== * Yes, the Percolate LMS supports [[welcome:glossary?s[]=scorm#scorm|S... welcome:faqs?s[]=scorm#what_version_of_scorm_does_percolate_lms_support|What version of SCORM does Percolate ... et #327204) ===== * //Can I add my own logo to Percolate?// * At this time, you cannot add your own logo
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ut together a video tour to get you started using Percolate. We have broken the tour into 10 parts plus a few... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>vWlOx5RJw_A?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 1: The Learner and A... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>1Vy2cuzMZgo?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 2: Administrator Das... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>0AGe23eKsoM?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 5: Adding People}} <
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ut together a video tour to get you started using Percolate. We have broken the tour into 10 parts plus a few... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>vWlOx5RJw_A?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 1: The Learner and A... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>1Vy2cuzMZgo?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 2: Administrator Das... > <WRAP center> {{ youtube>Opd243WEoGQ?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 3: Creating Tags}} <
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of video tours to help you become acquainted with Percolate. To watch a video, click on the **YouTube** logo ... |{{ youtube>Y3DAE404qbQ?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 1: Looking at the Dashboard}}Gain insight into Percolate's dashboard. ... |{{ youtube>2iwEpUCymus?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 2: Tracking Your Progress}
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====== Activate person ====== [[percolate_101:glossary#account_administrator|Account administrators]] can cho... ing a person enables that individual to log in to Percolate LMS™ and use the LMS; it also designates them as an [[percolate_101:glossary#active_user|active user]]. Percolate bases your monthly subscription on ... ancel the deletion. ====== See also ====== * [[percolate_101:percolate_sign_up|How to sign up on Percolate
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====== Support Ticket System ====== While using Percolate, you may encounter a problem. Before you submit a [[percolate_101:glossary#Ticket|ticket]], you may want to check the [[:knowledge_base|Knowledge Base]... estion for improvement, please submit a ticket in Percolate. {{ :ticket_system:supportticketsystemhome.png... em sends an email with your ticket to you and the Percolate support team. {{ :ticket_system:supportticketre
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====== Percolate LMS™ Features List ====== * Intuitive, clean and easy-to-use interface for both [[administ... match your [[administrator_tasks:custom_branding_percolate_lms|company’s branding]] * [[welcome:glossary#d... ed billing; cancel at any time * Rest assured, Percolate is both secure and reliable * Find answers, wa... n in the comprehensive [[|Percolate Help Center]] * Submit [[welcome:feedback_and_
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~~NOTOC~~ ===== Welcome to Percolate ===== [[welcome:features_list|Percolate LMS™ Features]] • [[welcome:percolate_sign_up|Sign Up]] • [[welcome:policy_information|Policies]] • [[welcome:feedback_and_support|F... ===== Administrators ===== [[administrator_tasks:percolate_quick_start_tutorial|Quick Start Tutorial]] • [[Administrator_Tasks:Administrator_Tour|Percolate Feature Tour]] • [[administrator_tasks:Orientation|
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====== Custom branding Percolate LMS™ ====== We understand that having an LMS that matches brand image is im... e the power to you! You can select your [[welcome:percolate_sign_up#how_to_sign_up_on_percolate_lms|domain na... ]], update your logo and completely customize the Percolate color scheme with an easy graphical interface. St... a logo, change the active logo and customize the Percolate display colors. {{ :administrator_tasks:admin-0
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01: Viewing content on your mobile device ====== Percolate is a learning management system, which means that it hosts your courses. We’ve created Percolate so you can log in anytime from anywhere to see your ... tory|training reports]], which is why you can use Percolate LMS™ from your favorite desktop, tablet or mobile... sions|permissions]] when you are on the go. {{ :percolate_101:orientation:mobile:percolate_screen1_ipad.jpg
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ing multimedia to overcome knowledge gaps ====== Percolate LMS™ truly enables you to leverage your training ... tudy, job aids or online learning. In every case, Percolate LMS™ provides the flexibility to manage training ... documentation efforts. ===== Content types ===== Percolate LMS™ empowers you to upload any digital media at ... ng_or_web_pages_that_are_not_uploaded_directly_to_percolate_lms|Links]] | URLs | | [[welcome:
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