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===== How do I create a new person or group of people? ===== * From the **People** tab, click the [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Click here to add a new person]] link and fill out the user ... istrator Tour: Dashboard]], [[administrator_tasks:people:importing_people_with_example_template|Importing people with example template]] ===== How do I reset a person’s password? ===== * Use the **Send a
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gs to create the structure for your categories of people and course collections. Access the **People** and... = View a list of your tags on the corresponding **People** or **Courses** tab in the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|Filter (People/Courses) By Tag]] box. ===== Adding a new tag ===== To ad... hile adding and maintaining [[administrator_tasks:people|people]] or [[administrator_tasks:courses|courses
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===== Edit multiple people ===== In addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|editing one pe... son]] at a time, administrators can edit multiple people at once by [[administrator_tasks:people:export_people|exporting their people]], making the desired changes, and then [[administrator_tasks:people:import_people|importing]] the updated list of people into to the LMS. ===== Editing multiple people ==
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ercolate LMS™ environment. Within Percolate, all people can: * [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress#m... LMS that restricts you into classifying all your people as learners, course developers or administrators.... | | ::: | [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add]], [[administrator_tasks:people:... vate_deactivate|activate]], [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|edit]] and [[administrator_tasks:pe
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all aspects of their Percolate account, including people, courses, assignments and permissions. ===== Act... gged course assigned to tagged person or group of people. Assignments are made from the **Assign!** tab. ... ece of data. CSV is used to [[administrator_tasks:people:import_people|import]] and [[administrator_tasks:people:export_people|export]] data from one software application to another. Most spreadsheet and da
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====== People====== * [[administrator_tasks:people:activate_deactivate|Activate or deactivate a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_... _person|Edit a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_people|Edit multiple people]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:enabling_self_registration|Enable self-registration]] * [[administrator_tasks:p
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====== Using the template to bulk upload people ====== With Percolate LMS™, importing multiple people cou... ad and open the example template located on the **People** tab, which helps you map every person’s data to... trator, you can use this template to add your own people and their details using any program that can work... glossary#csv|CSV]] file. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_tab_example_template.png?direct&600 |}} \\ **Not
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===== People reports ===== On the **People** tab, you’ll find snapshot and detailed reports for a person or group of people associated with a tag. Snapshot reports give you a preview of the information you’... s:person_report_settings.png?direct&600 |}} ==== People snapshots ==== People snapshots display the numbe... person has started or completed and the number of people associated with a tag. * **Person snapshot**\\
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===== Bulk upload people ===== In addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|adding one person]] at a time, administrators can import multiple people into the LMS. To ensure that person's details map... ields, download and use the [[administrator_tasks:people:importing_people_with_example_template|example template]]. ===== Importing multiple people ===== To import multiple people, perform the following st
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===== Export a list of your people ===== Administrators can export people. The exported file for people shows all people with their account details. ===== Exporting a list of your people ===== To export a list of your people, perform the following steps: - Click the **People** tab. - Click **Export People**. - Save the file to a location on your computer. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_tab_exp
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d** displays the courses. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_tab_self_registration_expanded.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Assigning courses to the people tag ===== Before distributing the self-registration link, assign courses to people. Otherwise, when a person registers, he or she will not see the courses on the **Dashboard**. To make assignments, the people and the course tags must have at least one person a
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re you able to provide a quote that will allow 40 people access to the LMS with a per seat pricing for an additional 50 people? (Ticket #224287) ===== * With only 40 people with active accounts it will... s:reports|Custom Reports]], [[administrator_tasks:people:export_people|Exporting a list of your people and... - 1.120808]]. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Adding a person]] ===== Custom Logo
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lize user accounts * Update - Design cleanup on People, Courses, and Assign pages ===== 2013 October 10... rrent logged-in person) are now identified in the People list * Update - Quiz Builder interface updated ... lder interface * Update - More complete example people import CSV file * Update - Required course assi... API has been discontinued * Bug fix - Imported people no longer sent email if they are marked as not ac
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RAP > Learn how to create and use both course and people tags. </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP center... black 640px center :en> //**__Tour Part 5: Adding People__**// <WRAP > Add and find [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|people]]. </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP center> {{ youtube>7EgzaBT82gU?... |Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 5: Adding People}} </WRAP> ---- </WRAP> <WRAP box bggreen fgblack
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