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information on the website and choose your domain name. ===== Signing up your company on Percolate LMS™ ... ge, enter the following information: - **Your Name** - **Email address** - **Phone number** ... lete your registration process and set the domain name for your LMS. ===== Setting your domain name ===== To set your domain name, perform the following steps: - Click the **registration link** from yo
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k **I am creating a new account**. - Enter your name in the **Name** field. - Enter a user name in the **Username** field.\\ **Note**: This is the name you’ll use to log in to the LMS. - Enter your e... *I already have an account**. - Enter your user name in the **Username** field. - Enter your passwor
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pdating_account_settings#edit_account_information|name]] to access your account settings and edit your a... view my training history? ===== * Click on your name to view a snapshot of your course activity from [... * Go to the People tab and use the **Search by name** or **Filter People By Tag** features. * See ... m the **People** or **Courses** tabs, enter a tag name in the **Add new tag** field from the **Filter Pe
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g capabilities. ===== Searching for a person by name ===== To search, enter a few letters in the **Search by name** field. The list dynamically populates with the people whose name contains the letter you typed. Type more letters in the person’s name to narrow your results. {{ :administrator_tasks:ad
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dding a new tag ===== To add a new tag, enter the name in **Add new tag** field. You can also add tags by entering a new tag name while adding and maintaining [[administrator_tasks:people|people]] or [[ad... r **Courses** tab. To rename the tag, enter a new name in the name field and click **Rename**. To dele
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ople** or **Courses** tab, you can click on a tag name to view its details, and the courses or people as... file]] information including: email address, user name, password, active status and permissions. ===== ... better. ===== Username ===== The unique login name created by the account administrator for each lea
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ic section is possible, too. Just add the section name behind a hash character as known from HTML. This ... cribed in the previous section, but this time the name of the language syntax to be highlighted is inclu... oad as well. You can do this by specifying a file name after language code like this: <code> <file php
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s while entering values into these columns: * **Name:** Include a space between first and last name. ... column labeled delete_tags allows you to list the name of the tags you want to delete for a person. If t
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Actions** icon for a person or click the person’s name. - Edit any of the following fields: - **Name** - **Username** - **Email Address** - **Phone Number** - **Information** - *
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to your favorites, click **Settings**. - Type a name for the report or accept the default name. - Cl
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te. - Click **Open New Ticket**. - Enter your name in the **Full Name** field. - Enter your email
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te. - Click **Open New Ticket**. - Enter your name in the **Full Name** field. - Enter your email
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nt names (Ticket #256048) ===== * //I typed the name of my course incorrectly and I can't change it. C... ering - Authentication: Sorry, attempted to get a name, but you're not logged in! (Ticket #356996) =====
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ng capabilities. ===== Searching for a course by name ===== To search, enter a few letters in the **Search by name** field. The list dynamically populates with the course titles containing the letter you
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