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Click here!** link from the log in page for your LMS. Once you enter your username, Percolate LMS™ sen... ociated with your account, contact your Percolate LMS™ administrator. ===== How do I view my training ... the minimum system requirements for the Percolate LMS™? ===== * You will need a broadband Internet co... ari browsers. ===== How do I access my Percolate LMS™ after I sign up for my free trial? ===== * Aft
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e a quote that will allow 40 people access to the LMS with a per seat pricing for an additional 50 peop... y time?]], [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|Viewing and updating LMS account... ort three existing SCORM compliant courses on the LMS? (Ticket #239498) ===== * Yes, the Percolate LMS supports [[welcome:glossary?s[]=scorm#scorm|SCORM]] compliant courses that use SCORM version 1.2 o
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center> {{ youtube>vWlOx5RJw_A?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 1: The Learner and Admin... center> {{ youtube>1Vy2cuzMZgo?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 2: Administrator Dashboa... center> {{ youtube>Opd243WEoGQ?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 3: Creating Tags}} </WRA... center> {{ youtube>MalIw1XrXfg?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 4: Editing Tags and View
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time. An active user has access to log in to the LMS and his/her records display in administrative rep... vating a user does not remove their data from the LMS. ===== Assessment ===== A measureable activity us... mance. ===== Bug ===== A bug is an error in our LMS code or functionality. With new updates happening... ge you see when you first log on to the Percolate LMS™. From here, you can view reports, take or archiv
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center> {{ youtube>vWlOx5RJw_A?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 1: The Learner and Admin... center> {{ youtube>1Vy2cuzMZgo?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 2: Administrator Dashboa... center> {{ youtube>0AGe23eKsoM?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 5: Adding People}} </WRA... center> {{ youtube>aI0NW7cLLqQ?640x360|Percolate LMS™ Administrator Tour Part 6: Maintaining People an
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====== Percolate LMS™ Features List ====== * Intuitive, clean and easy-to-use interface for both [[administrator_tasks:administrator_tour|LMS administrators]] and [[learner_basics:learner_tour|learners... ting_assessments|quizzes and surveys]] within the LMS * Assess learners’ certainty of knowledge with... ts]] based on your own custom tags * Customize LMS to match your [[administrator_tasks:custom_brandi
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====== How to sign up on Percolate LMS™ ====== Signing up for your 30 day Percolate LMS trial is easy ... name. ===== Signing up your company on Percolate LMS™ ===== To sign up, perform the following steps: ... stration process and set the domain name for your LMS. ===== Setting your domain name ===== To set you... ur signup email. - From the **Complete Your New LMS Registration!** page, complete the following fiel
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at a person can view and perform in the Percolate LMS™ environment. Within Percolate, all people can: ... rch for, launch and archive courses]]. Percolate LMS™ is not a typical LMS that restricts you into cla... iew [[administrator_tasks:administrator_dashboard#lms_statistics|LMS statistics]]. | | ::: ... iew [[administrator_tasks:administrator_dashboard#lms_statistics|LMS statistics]]. | | ::
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sions|permissions]], when a learner logs into the LMS, they see the **Dashboard** only. From the **Dash... ministrators will find reports to help manage the LMS; including: * LMS statistics * Login activity... elcome message that displays for everyone. ===== LMS statistics ===== The **LMS Stats** report provide... glance at the number of people who are using the LMS and their login activity. Viewing this report all
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efault email address for all messages sent by the LMS * New addition - You can further 'white label' the LMS by removing our standard documentation 'Help' link. Use the Welcome area to link to your own... ore specific feedback when trying to log into the LMS * Update - tags are now checked for 'padding' s... and logo: completely customize look of the entire LMS * Major addition - CSV imports to create and up
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====== The Percolate LMS Development Guide ====== The founding philosophies of the Percolate LMS were ... tes. ===== Percolate's Goal ===== The Percolate LMS has a single goal: to house and track standards-c... d in a review. Addressing existing issues in the LMS (including known bugs, codebase improvements) sho... twice// the reliability of a larger, more complex LMS. All new features should have [[http://en.wikipe
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|{{ youtube>Y3DAE404qbQ?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 1: Looking at the Dashboard}}G... |{{ youtube>2iwEpUCymus?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 2: Tracking Your Progress}}See... |{{ youtube>yjGQfyMV2aM?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 3: Reading Announcements}}Read... |{{ youtube>MPE2wYJCNtg?120x90|Percolate LMS™ Learner Tour Part 4: Launching a Course }}Learn
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on enables that individual to log in to Percolate LMS™ and use the LMS; it also designates them as an [... ur monthly [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|subscription]] on the number of ... ====== * [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updating_lms_account_settings|View and update LMS account sett
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edia to overcome knowledge gaps ====== Percolate LMS™ truly enables you to leverage your training [[we... aids or online learning. In every case, Percolate LMS™ provides the flexibility to manage training admi... ion efforts. ===== Content types ===== Percolate LMS™ empowers you to upload any digital media at any ... pages_that_are_not_uploaded_directly_to_percolate_lms|Links]] | URLs | | [[welcome:faqs
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In our next update, we'll be improving our reports and adding discussion options for both courses and individual pieces of content. Keep checking back here for more news about our planned updates.
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