Quizzes with learner certainty assessments

Assessments built using the quiz builder may have the Learner Certainty Assessment (LCA) settings turned on. If this is the case, when answering quiz questions, you’ll rate how certain you are about your answer. There is no penalty or reward for indicating your certainty. The payoff of using LCA is that the results provide you with a clear picture of how well you know and how likely you are to remember the material.

Answering LCA questions

With LCA enabled for an assessment, you must select your level of certainty from choices of High, Medium, or Low prior to submitting your answer.

Interpreting LCA feedback

Upon completion of an assessment with certainty results turned on, a color-coded key displays your results. The key will help you identify the questions you got right or wrong and see how well you know and how likely you are to remember the material, so you can take the appropriate action. The following table defines the three types of certainty alerts. Use it to help you interpret the results.

Answer Certainty This tells you that…
CorrectHigh or MedThis is a good combination. You know the information well or fairly well, and the confirmation and review of the right answer will help you remember it.
Any responseLow Either way, you didn’t have certainty in your answer, so you aren’t likely to recall the information later. You should review the lesson again to learn the information and be certain in your knowledge.
IncorrectHigh or Med This is a potentially dangerous combination. You were relatively sure you knew something, but you were wrong. You should go back through the lesson carefully to see what you misunderstood.

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