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, use the example template, which is in [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] format. * See also: [[administrator_t... the relevant people and import the new [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV ]]file. * See also: [[administrator_ta... ===== * The number of people who are [[welcome:glossary#active_user|active users]] on you organizations a... ing reports]]. You can also use tags to [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|filter people and cou
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ated reports, saving you time. With our [[welcome:glossary#saas|SaaS]] model and [[welcome:feedback_and_supp... icket System]], you can easily submit a [[welcome:glossary#ticket|ticket]] from anywhere and know that we’ve... f you have problems viewing your course [[welcome:glossary#|content]] after launch, then the problem likely ... ur course developer for assistance. Our [[welcome:glossary#scorm_terminal|SCORM terminal]] should help them
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using any program that can work with a [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] file. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_t... mation ==== The first few fields in the [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] file contain the demographic informatio... nk or No, the person’s status is set to [[welcome:glossary#active_user|inactive]]. {{ : administrator_tasks... trator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[welcome:glossary#csv|Glossary: CSV]]
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====== Manage your profile ====== Clicking your name in the top right portion of the screen takes to your account. From here, you can get a quick glance at your progress, edit your profile information, and reset your own password. {{ :learner_basics:profile001_highlight.jpg?700 |}} ===== Viewing a Snapshot ===== The Snapshot area of the screen provides a quick glance of the number of courses you have started and completed. {{ :learner_basics:profile002_snapshot.jpg?700 |}} ===== Editing profile information ===== You can edit information such as your email address or password. Optionally, you can enter your phone number. To edit your profile, perform the following steps: - Enter a new email address in the **Email Address** field. - Optionally, enter your phone number. - Click **Save Changes**. {{ :learner_basics:profile002_edit.jpg?700 |}} ===== Uploading or replacing an avatar image===== To upload a new image or to replace an old one, follow these steps: - From the **Optional Details** area, click **Browse for image**. - The file manager will appear. Locate the image you want to use for your avatar. - Click on your image to select it. - Click **Open** and the selected image will be uploaded to the LMS. The uploaded image will be set as your current avatar. All uploaded images will automatically be resized to fit within 40 pixels by 40 pixels. ===== Resetting your password ====== To reset you own password, perform the following steps: - From your LMS login page, click the **Send reset password** link. - Click the link in the email sent to you by the Percolate LMS™. - Enter a new password in the **Password** field. - Re-enter your new password in the **Confirm Password** field. - Click **Set Password**.\\ **Note:** You can now log in with your username and new password. ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Managing Your Profile]] * [[welcome:glossary#profile|Glossary: Profile]] * [[welcome:glossary#avatar|Glossary: Avatar]]
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people and courses ====== To assign a [[welcome:glossary#course|course]] to people or vice versa, you simply [[welcome:glossary#drag_and_drop|drag and drop]] the [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_tag_a_course|tagged ... te_assignments|FAQs: How do I create assignments?]] * [[welcome:glossary#assignment|Glossary: Assignment]]
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provides convenient access to all your [[welcome:glossary#course|courses]] and helps you stay organized. ... n expand a course to see the associated [[welcome:glossary#|content]] and launch the course. You can also ar... * [[welcome:faqs#what_is_a_course|FAQs: What is a course?]] * [[welcome:glossary#course|Glossary: Course]]
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arner Tour: Managing Your Profile]] * [[welcome:glossary#permissions|Glossary: Permissions]] * [[welcome:glossary#profile|Glossary: Profile]] * [[welcome:faqs#what_are_the_permissions_available_to_modif
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permissions|Roles and permissions]] * [[welcome:glossary?s[]=profile#profile|Glossary:Profile]] * [[welcome:glossary?s[]=permissions#permissions|Glossary:Permissions]] * [[welcome:faqs#what_are_the_perm
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y enables you to leverage your training [[welcome:glossary#content|content]] for multiple purposes. It does ... en determining the content to add for a [[welcome:glossary#course|course]], consider the types of content yo... vary by organization. In some cases, a [[welcome:glossary#blended_learning|blended]] approach is best. In o... simply indicate that the content is an [[welcome:glossary?&#attachment|attachment]]. ===== Course order ===
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ng **People** or **Courses** tab in the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|Filter (People/Course... orts|Creating and viewing reports]] * [[welcome:glossary#tag|Glossary: Tag]] * [[welcome:faqs#what_is_a_
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arner_basics|FAQs: Learner Basics]] * [[welcome:glossary|Glossary]] ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_
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====== Activate a person ====== [[welcome:glossary#account_administrator|Account administrators]] can choose... the LMS; it also designates them as an [[welcome:glossary#active_user|active user]]. Percolate bases your m
learner_basics:quizzes_with_learner_certainty_assessments: 2 Hits
n assessment with the Quiz Builder tool]] * [[welcome:glossary#learner_certainty_assessment_lca|Glossary]]
learner_basics:viewing_your_progress: 2 Hits
asics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Tracking Your Progress]] * [[welcome:glossary#reports|Glossary: Reports]]
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