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and test how the quiz performs for learners. * Edit or delete the quiz or questions. * [[administra... e: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Click the **Edit** icon in the **Actions** column to select a cour... ant to make changes. In the Quiz Builder, you can edit quiz settings and your pages. You can also delete an entire quiz. * To edit quiz settings, access the quiz, click the **Edit quiz settings** button
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ner_tour|Learner Tour: Dashboard]] ===== How do I edit my account or change my password? ===== * Click... [learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings#edit_account_information|name]] to access your account settings and edit your account or change your password. * See also: [[learner_basics:managing_... unt_settings|Account settings]], ===== How do I edit a group of people at once? ===== * Download yo
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activate|activate]], [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|edit]] and [[administrator_tasks:people:... _a_course|Add]] and [[administrator_tasks:courses:edit_delete_courses|edit]] course information.| | ::: ... creating_maintaining_tags#editing_an_existing_tag|edit]] or [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_t... :add_a_person|Add]], [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|edit]] or [[administrator_tasks:people:a
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===== Edit multiple people ===== In addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|editing one person]] at a time, administrators can edit multiple people at once by [[administrator_tasks:people:... the LMS. ===== Editing multiple people ===== To edit multiple people, perform the following steps: -... CSV]] format to a location on your computer. - Edit the [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|de
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===== Edit and delete course content ===== You can edit, replace, or delete content for a course. Deleti... ect&600 |}} ===== Editing course content ===== To edit course content, perform the following steps: - ... b. - Click on a course title or corresponding **Edit** action icon. - From the **Content** area, click on a content title or corresponding **Edit** action icon. - To edit content, change the text in
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===== Edit a person ===== You can edit a person's details, tags and permissions. ===== Editing a person ===== To edit a person, perform the following steps: - Click on the **People** tab. - Click the... icon for a person or click the person’s name. - Edit any of the following fields: - **Name** -... nding on your permissions, you may not be able to edit all of these fields. - Click **Save Changes**.
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sting courses]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:edit_delete_courses|Edit or delete a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:edit_or_delete_course_content|Edit or delete course content]] * [[admini
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ere, you can get a quick glance at your progress, edit your profile information, and reset your own pass... } ===== Editing profile information ===== You can edit information such as your email address or passwor... Optionally, you can enter your phone number. To edit your profile, perform the following steps: - En... **Save Changes**. {{ :learner_basics:profile002_edit.jpg?700 |}} ===== Uploading or replacing an avat
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===== Edit or delete a course ===== You can edit a course's title, description and/or tags at any time.... ith the course. ===== Editing a course ===== To edit a course, perform the following steps: - Click ... urse title or its **Actions** icon. - In the **Edit** area, change the title, description and/or tags
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he **People** tab. - Click a person's **View or Edit this person** action icon. - Expand **Advance ... s tab: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Click **Edit this course** action icon. - Click the **Edit ... *Delete your content results** from the content's edit screen. - Click **Yes, I'm sure** to delete yo
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n|Add a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_a_person|Edit a person]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_people|Edit multiple people]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:enabling_self_registrat
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tions the way you intended. If it is not, you can edit quiz settings and questions. * See also: [[admi... orm_transparency|SCORM Transparency]] ===== Can't edit content names (Ticket #256048) ===== * //I type... parency]] ===== Help! My tag names mis-aligns the edit page (Ticket #723584) ===== * //When I create a
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See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:people:edit_people|Edit multiple people]] * [[administrator
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red fields and optional information ===== You can edit information such as your email address or passwor... r_basics:learner-0005_b.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Edit account information ====== - Enter a new email
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