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|This option determines how question feedback displays to learners based on your selection. When you sel... show when quiz is passed |The text in this field displays when a learner completes the quiz with a passing ... show when quiz is failed |The text in this field displays when a learner completes the quiz with a failing ... on Attempts** drop down. - Enter a message that displays to learners when they pass the quiz in the **Mess
welcome:release_notes: 5 Hits
lay correctly * Bug fix - Course CSV export now displays the URL type correctly ===== 2013 February 6 - 1... SCORM results from content editing page no longer displays errors ===== 2012 November 13 - 1.121010 ===== ... ication * Update - the SCORM debug terminal now displays SCORM error codes along with the existing human-r... Create Person page * Update - account page now displays active credit card details (exp date, etc.) * B
administrator_tasks:people:enabling_self_registration: 4 Hits
our custom welcome message. From the webpage that displays, learners can create an account or sign in using ... r logs in the next time, his or her **Dashboard** displays the courses. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_tab_s... nk, consider customizing the welcome message that displays. By default, the following text displays as the
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administrators can edit the welcome message that displays for everyone. ===== LMS statistics ===== The **L... ditor to type and format the welcome message that displays for everyone. Click the **Save Message** button t
administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags: 2 Hits
g** or **Filter Courses By Tag** box. This action displays the details for that specific tag. When viewing t... the **Assign Courses** button. The **Assign** tab displays, singling out those people or courses for assignm
administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permissions: 2 Hits
tent|Organize]] the order in which course content displays. | | ::: | ... rse_content|Organize]] the order in which content displays for a user. | | Manage Assign! | [[adminis
learner_basics:quizzes_with_learner_certainty_assessments: 1 Hits
certainty results turned on]], a color-coded key displays your results. The key will help you identify the
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pp class implements an application that * simply displays "Hello World!" to the standard output. */ class
learner_basics:viewing_your_progress: 1 Hits
===== My Courses tab ===== The **My Courses** tab displays a chart of the number of courses you have started
learner_basics:self_register_course: 1 Hits
field. - Click **Register now**. The Dashboard displays with the courses.\\ **Note**: If your courses don
administrator_tasks:reports:people_reports: 1 Hits
tag’s details.\\ **Note:** A people tag snapshot displays when at least one person is associated with the t
administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course: 1 Hits
ate this new course**. The created course profile displays and is ready for editing or adding content. =====
administrator_tasks:courses:edit_or_delete_course_content: 1 Hits
computer. - Select the file. A success message displays. - Click **Replace existing content**! ===== D
administrator_tasks:people:edit_people: 1 Hits
n**. - Confirm your results in the message that displays. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tas
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learner_basics:finding_taking_courses: 1 Hits
administrator_tasks:people:activate_deactivate: 1 Hits
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