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====== Create an assessment with the Quiz Builder tool ====== The Quiz Builder is a tool that enables you ... Multiple choice / True or false * Matching To create a page in your quiz, click the icon for that page... onal page ==== Use the informational page type to create an introduction that orients learners with the qu... learning content. Perform the following steps to create an informational page: - From the quiz, click t
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==== Why should I provide an email address when I create a new account? ===== * When users have a valid... support with your subscription. ===== How do I create a new person or group of people? ===== * From ... 2|Tagging 102: The power of tags]] ===== How do I create assignments? ===== * You create assignments fr... can [[administrator_tasks:administrator_dashboard|create]] a report and click the **Save As a New Favorite
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fight for its right to exist, the next step is to create a written or visual description of the feature. ... great books]] on this topic. We also may wish to create a code style guide or [[ erall look and feel of Percolate. We may wish to create a Percolate graphic [[http://www.smashingmagazine... e. It is the responsibility of the developers to create good unit tests for any new features. Part of ou
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ourses:creating_assessments#reviewing_and_testing|Create an assessment with the Quiz Builder tool]] ===== ... the edit page (Ticket #723584) ===== * //When I create a long tag it makes the rest of the page look fun... themes for Percolate (Ticket #756823) ===== * //Create a selection of custom branding/themes/color schem... e same time. The importer will be smart enough to create the tags as needed. * This has been implemented
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====== Create and maintain tags ====== In Percolate, you’ll use tags to create the structure for your cat... ns. Access the **People** and **Courses** tabs to create and view this structure. ===== Viewing a list of... sks:assigning_people_courses#creating_assignments|create assignments]], [[administrator_tasks:assigning_pe
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ki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enable... Dokuwiki supports ordered and unordered lists. To create a list item, indent your text by two spaces and u... ables ===== DokuWiki supports a simple syntax to create tables. ^ Heading 1 ^ Heading 2 ^ Hea
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irect&600 |}} ===== Creating assignments ===== To create assignments, perform the following steps: - Cli... People and Courses]] * [[welcome:faqs#how_do_i_create_assignments|FAQs: How do I create assignments?]]
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age. From the webpage that displays, learners can create an account or sign in using an existing account. ... sks:assigning_people_courses#creating_assignments|create assignments]], [[administrator_tasks:assigning_pe... * [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tags|Create and maintain tags]] * [[administrator_tasks:cou
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t&600 |}} ==== Creating a favorite report ==== To create a favorite report, perform the following steps: - Create a report for a [[/administrator_tasks:reports:people_reports#tracking_a_person|person]], [
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eports ===== Custom tags allow administrators to create their own combination of people and courses to [[... s the administrator for ACME Corporation, you can create any number of reports. Here are a few ideas: *
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onfirm or select your plan selection. - Click **Create My Account**. - Next you will receive an email... case letters, numbers or a dash only. - Click **Create New LMS Account**. ====== See also: ====== * [[
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| [[administrator_tasks:administrator_dashboard|Create]], view, save and publish favorite reports for pe... | [[administrator_tasks:administrator_dashboard|Create]], view, save and publish favorite reports for pe
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and video components using authoring software to create training courseware. ===== Authoring Software ===== Software used to create and publish online documentation or training. Current examples of author
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stration link from your LMS administrator, you’ll create a new account on the LMS or enter your credential... t&600 |}} ===== Creating a new account ===== To create a new account, perform the following steps: - C
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