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a report of your coursework, access your training courses and read system announcements. * See also: [[le... nt. * See also: [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Finding and taking courses]] ===== How do I access my courses? ===== * Courses are located on the **Dashboard** under the [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses#your_courses|Available, Not Started, Started or Archived]] tabs. * See also: [[lea
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d course collections. Access the **People** and **Courses** tabs to create and view this structure. ===== ... of your tags on the corresponding **People** or **Courses** tab in the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|Filter (People/Courses) By Tag]] box. ===== Adding a new tag ===== To add a new tag, en... or_tasks:people|people]] or [[administrator_tasks:courses|courses]]. {{
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cts of their Percolate account, including people, courses, assignments and permissions. ===== Active User ... eports, take or archive a course, sort and search courses with a tag cloud and view the Twitter feed messag... ers) only see the [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses?s[]=dashboard|Dashboard]] tab when visiting Perco... g databases are typically used by online training courses: LMSs (learning management systems), Access, SQL
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an: * [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress#my_courses_tab|View a course progress chart]]. * [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Search for, launch and archive courses]]. Percolate LMS™ is not a ty... | | ::: | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add]] and [[administrator_tasks:courses:edit_delete_courses|edit]] course information.| | ::: | [[administrator_tasks:
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the quiz or questions. * [[administrator_tasks:courses:learner_certainty_assessment#viewing_quiz_results... at shows quiz results]]. {{ :administrator_tasks:courses:quiz_builder_quiz1.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Addin... steps to add a quiz to a course: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Click the **Edit** icon in the **Actio... iz. A title is mandatory. {{ :administrator_tasks:courses:quiz_settings.png?direct&600 |}} While in the bu
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====== Courses ====== * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|Add and arrange course content]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:creating_assessments|Create assessments]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:learner_certaint... certainty assessments]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:find_a_course#filtering_courses_by_tag|Filter cou
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allows existing or new users to self-register for courses. When a learner receives and clicks the [[learner... next time, his or her **Dashboard** displays the courses. {{ :administrator_tasks:people_tab_self_registra... tion_expanded.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Assigning courses to the people tag ===== Before distributing the self-registration link, assign courses to people. Otherwise, when a person registers, he or she will
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====== Find and take courses ====== The Percolate LMS™ provides convenient access to all your [[welcome:glossary#course|courses]] and helps you stay organized. {{ :learner_basics:admin-0003_b.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Your courses ===== You’ll find your assigned courses on the **Dashboard**. Your courses are listed on separate tabs according to the actions you have taken: * {{:learner_basics:admin-0
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==== Find a course ===== Find a course from the **Courses** tab using search and filtering capabilities. =... s:admin-0048_a.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Filtering courses by tag ===== You can also find a course by using ... lcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|Filter Courses By Tag feature]]. Click a tag to display [[admini... s:creating_maintaining_tags|tag details]] and the courses associated with that tag. {{ :developer_tools:cou
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===== Course reports ===== On the **Courses** tab, you’ll find snapshot and detailed reports for a course o... eople who have started a course and the number of courses associated with a tag. * **Course snapshot**\\ To see a snapshot for a course, click the **Courses** tab, then click the **Edit** icon in the **Acti... \ To see a snapshot for a course tag, click the **Courses** tab, then click a tag from the **Filter Courses
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a Course__**// <WRAP > Add [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|courses]] to the LMS. </WRAP> <WRAP... er :en> //**__Part 8: Adding Content, Maintaining Courses, and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Learn the available [[administrator_tasks:orientation:courses:courses_101|content types]], add course content and view reports about courses. </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP center> {{ youtube>caHEQ2s6zOI?64
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a Course__**// <WRAP > Add [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|courses]] to the LMS. </WRAP> <WRAP... er :en> //**__Part 8: Adding Content, Maintaining Courses, and Viewing Reports__**// <WRAP > Learn the available [[administrator_tasks:orientation:courses:courses_101|content types]], add course content and view reports about courses. </WRAP> <WRAP clear></WRAP> <WRAP center> {{ youtube>caHEQ2s6zOI?64
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Assessments built using the [[administrator_tasks:courses:creating_assessments|quiz builder]] may have the [[administrator_tasks:courses:learner_certainty_assessment|Learner Certainty Assessment (LCA)]] sett... ng LCA questions ===== With [[administrator_tasks:courses:learner_certainty_assessment#enabling_lca|LCA ena... submitting your answer. {{ :administrator_tasks:courses:lca_question.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Interpretin
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===== Export a list of your existing courses ===== Administrators can download a list of existing courses by clicking **Export Courses**. The downloaded list shows the course name, description, associated ta... rmation. ===== Exporting a list of your existing courses ===== To export a list of your existing courses, perform the following steps: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Click **Export Courses**. - Save the
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