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ur|Learner Tour: Dashboard]] ===== What is a course? ===== * A course is a container that holds con... * Click on your name to view a snapshot of your course activity from [[learner_basics:managing_your_prof... rses_by_tag|keyword]] associated with a person or course used to group, filter, assign and report course d... also use tags to [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_course_by_tag|filter people and courses]] during a searc
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knowledge level. ===== Assignment ===== A tagged course assigned to tagged person or group of people. Ass... ructor. ===== Attachment ===== An attachment is course material that an administrator has designated as ... learner. Any learning materials, such as: a SCORM course, a video, a PowerPoint, a PDF document, an audio ... and their scores are not averaged into the final course score. ===== Authoring ===== Similar to program
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===== Course reports ===== On the **Courses** tab, you’ll find snapshot and detailed reports for a course or course collection associated with a tag. Snapshot reports give you a preview of the information y... eports|Favorite Report]]. {{ :administrator_tasks:course_report.png?direct&600 |}} ==== Course snapshots ==== Course snapshots display the number of people who have started a course and the number of cours
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mple people import CSV file * Update - Required course assignments are now indicated on the Dashboard course list * Update - Dashboard now correctly updates quiz status after it's been completed * Upd... tion field size limit removed * Bug fix - Empty course list on Dashboard grammatical error corrected *... ld formatting now display correctly * Bug fix - Course CSV export now displays the URL type correctly =
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===== Add a course ===== A course is a container for [[administrator_tasks:orientation:courses:courses_10... a SCORM-based e-learning module to a document. A course can contain one item or many. When adding a course, you’ll give it a title, brief description, and you’ll associate tags to the course. ===== Adding a course ===== To add a course, perform the following steps: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Cli
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===== Edit or delete a course ===== You can edit a course's title, description and/or tags at any time. You can also delete a course; however, this action will delete both the course and any tracking records associated with the course. ===== Editing a course ===== To edit a course, perform the followin... teps: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Find the course. - Click the course title or its **Actions** ic
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asics:viewing_your_progress#my_courses_tab|View a course progress chart]]. * [[learner_basics:finding_ta... you into classifying all your people as learners, course developers or administrators. Percolate provides ... | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add]] and [[administrator_tasks:courses:edit_delete_courses|edit]] course information.| | ::: | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_o
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convenient access to all your [[welcome:glossary#course|courses]] and helps you stay organized. {{ :lea... hived}}: Lists all courses you have archived Each course list displays the title of the course, due date, completed date and status. You can expand a course to see the associated [[welcome:glossary#|content]] and launch the course. You can also archive, or unarchive, a course. ===== Filter courses by tag
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===== Edit and delete course content ===== You can edit, replace, or delete content for a course. Deleting... ols:admin-0050_c.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Editing course content ===== To edit course content, perform the... ps: - Click the **Courses** tab. - Click on a course title or corresponding **Edit** action icon. - ... on icon. ===== Replacing content ===== To replace course content, perform the following steps: - Click t
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==== The basis for any LMS is to track people and course data. One of the unique and powerful features of ... agging system. Tags allow you to assign and track course data with ease. ===== Make course assignments ===... es managers and servers to complete a food safety course. To make the [[administrator_tasks:assigning_pe... elcome:glossary#drag_and_drop|drag and drop]] the course tag to the people tag. Since it’s a required cour
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es ====== * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|Add and arrange course content]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:cre... sments]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:find_a_course#filtering_courses_by_tag|Filter courses by tag]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:find_a_course|Find a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:ex
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add the ability for me to export my reports? For course reports, can you please include course start date, due date, date launched, completed date and course status.// * We have added this feature so all r... n be exported. Due to the timing of this feature, course start dates will only show dates after 6/15/2012/ If you started a course before that date, there is no start date present. * This has been impleme
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ee what is going on with the learning object from course launch to exit. A person with the appropriate per... ssions can view the SCORM terminal by launching a course’s content from the **Dashboard** or from the **Co... Click the **Courses** tab. - Click **Edit this course** action icon. - Click the **Edit this content... m the Dashboard, you must launch content from the course list on the Dashboard. If you don’t see the cours
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===== Find a course ===== Find a course from the **Courses** tab using search and filtering capabilities. ===== Searching for a course by name ===== To search, enter a few letters in the **Search by name** field. The list dynamically populates with the course titles containing the letter you typed. Type more... iltering courses by tag ===== You can also find a course by using the [[welcome:glossary#filter_people_cou
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