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====== Learner Basics ====== ===== What can I do from the Dashboard? ===== * From the **Dashboard**, you... ead system announcements. * See also: [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Dashboard]] =====... ainer that holds content. * See also: [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Finding and taking courses... located on the **Dashboard** under the [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses#your_courses|Available, No
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t 2: Tracking Your Progress}}See how to [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|view your progress]] as you... our Part 3: Reading Announcements}}Read [[learner_basics:reading_system_announcements|announcements]] from... rt 4: Launching a Course }}Learn how to [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|launch a course]]. ... the Courses that Display}}Organize your [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses#filtering_courses_by_tag|c
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ation|Learning how to use Percolate]] • [[learner_basics:managing_your_profile|Profile Management]] • [[a... Discussions]] \\ ===== Learners ===== [[learner_Basics:Learner_Tour|Learner Tour]] • [[learner_Basics:Fi... ing courses|Find and launch courses]] • [[learner_basics:quizzes_with_learner_certainty_assessments|Quizzes]] • [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|View progress]] • [[learner_basics:reading_system_annou
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ses]] and helps you stay organized. {{ :learner_basics:admin-0003_b.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Your course... ng to the actions you have taken: * {{:learner_basics:admin-0005_a.png?linkonly|Available}}: Lists all ... to you that have not been archived * {{:learner_basics:admin-0006_a.png?linkonly|Started}}: Lists your a... gned courses that you have started * {{:learner_basics:admin-0007_a.png?linkonly|Not Started}}: Lists yo
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y. From the **Dashboard**, learners can [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|track progress]], [[learner_basics:reading_system_announcements|read system announcements]], [[learner_basics:finding_taking_co... es|search for and launch courses]], and [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|manage their pr
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Within Percolate, all people can: * [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress#my_courses_tab|View a course progress chart]]. * [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Search for, launch and archive cours... the **SCORM Terminal On** setting as an [[learner_basics:viewing_updating_account_settings|account setting... typical_profiles|Typical profiles]] * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Managing Your Profile]
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mation, and reset your own password. {{ :learner_basics:profile001_highlight.jpg?700 |}} ===== Viewing a ... rses you have started and completed. {{ :learner_basics:profile002_snapshot.jpg?700 |}} ===== Editing pro... number. - Click **Save Changes**. {{ :learner_basics:profile002_edit.jpg?700 |}} ===== Uploading or r... password. ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Managing Your Profile]
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of the screen to access your account. {{ :learner_basics:learner-0001_a.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Snapshot ... rses you have started and completed. {{ :learner_basics:learner-0005_a.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Required ... ly, you can enter your phone number. {{ :learner_basics:learner-0005_b.png?direct&600 |}} ===== Edit acc... password. ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Managing Your Profile]
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ate transcript by using the archive and [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses#filtering_courses_by_tag|f... ity from within [[|accoun... t&600 |}} ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Tracking Your Progress
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ermissions (i.e. learners) only see the [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses?s[]=dashboard|Dashboard]] ... rcolate, reports are generated from the [[learner_basics:viewing_your_progress|Dashboard]], [[administrato... he tag cloud can be found under Filter ([[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses?s[]=filter|Courses]]/[[adm
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he content. ====== See also ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Launching a Course]] ... ministrator Tour: Adding a Course]] * [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Finding and taking courses
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When a learner receives and clicks the [[learner_basics:self_register_course|self-registration]] link, a... er names. ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:self_register_course|Self-register for courses]]
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istrator. ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Finding and taking your co
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created a new Quick-Start Tutorial to go over the basics of [[administrator_tasks:creating_maintaining_tag
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