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ng courses and read system announcements. * See also: [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Dash... course is a container that holds content. * See also: [[learner_basics:finding_taking_courses|Finding ... Not Started, Started or Archived]] tabs. * See also: [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner Tour: Dash... your account or change your password. * See also: [[learner_basics:managing_your_profile|Account]]
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e your costs as your seat counts change. * See also:[[administrator_tasks:administrator_tour|Administ... you can edit quiz settings and questions. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:courses:creating_assessmen... 20808|version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808]]. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:reports|Custom Reports]], ... 04. (These are the most common versions.) * See also: [[welcome:faqs?s[]=scorm#what_version_of_scorm_d
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complicated", "difficult", or "confusing".)), but also in terms of code support over the lifetime of Per... only the existing look and feel of Percolate, but also its codebase and its philosophy. - Blends well ... e" in the Category field. If possible, it should also have an agreed-upon target version. All of the t... made (either in meetings or through email) should also be entered as comments in the entry so that we ca
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and videotape, satellite broadcast and more. See also CBT, M-learning, Online Training and WBT. ===== ... ===== ISD ===== Instructional Systems Design. See also Instructional Design. ===== Job Aids ===== An a... ls at their own convenience via the Internet. See also E-learning, M-learning and WBT. ===== Permission... Users with the permission to view the console can also choose to turn off the console at any time. ====
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with a quiz with LCA enabled. **Tip:** You can also use this type of page is to present learning cont... ou can edit quiz settings and your pages. You can also delete an entire quiz. * To edit quiz settings,... elect the **Live mode** radio button. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:orientation:cou
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archived, passed, failed and completed, the chart also includes a column for those courses that are stil... rner:archived_062012_a.png?direct&600 |}} You can also view a snapshot of your course activity from with... er:profile_052812_a.png?direct&600 |}} ====== See also: ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learn
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= Attachments ===== Using Percolate LMS™ you can also provide your learners with content that is not re... at_content_appears_to_learners|order of content]] also gives you the power to determine the way in which a learner experiences the content. ====== See also ====== * [[learner_basics:learner_tour|Learner
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l to log in to Percolate LMS™ and use the LMS; it also designates them as an [[percolate_101:glossary#ac... on or **No!** to cancel the deletion. ====== See also ====== * [[percolate_101:percolate_sign_up|How
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.nosmblinks = ''; ==== Image Links ==== You can also use an image to link to another internal or exter... ndention for deeper levels - That's it </code> Also take a look at the [[doku>faq:lists|FAQ on list i
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, to a [[welcome:glossary#csv|CSV]] file. You can also customize reports to include a certain date range... desired. - Click **Update Report**. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:reports:course_
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enter the name in **Add new tag** field. You can also add tags by entering a new tag name while adding ... _assignments|remove assignments]]. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:orientation:ta
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tle, description and/or tags at any time. You can also delete a course; however, this action will delete... click **No!** to cancel the deletion. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:administrator_t
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up of the available and required resources. It is also your job to conduct a post-training evaluation su... reuse the message for different teams. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:communicating_p
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l to log in to Percolate LMS™ and use the LMS; it also designates them as an [[welcome:glossary#active_u... son or **No!** to cancel the deletion. ====== See also: ====== * [[administrator_tasks:viewing_updatin
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