Roles and permissions

Permissions control what a person can view and perform in the Percolate LMS™ environment. Within Percolate, all people can:

Percolate LMS™ is not a typical LMS that restricts you into classifying all your people as learners, course developers or administrators. Percolate provides the flexibility that allows you to choose permissions per person when viewing their profile.

Permission Explanation
Is Account Admin This permission encompasses many of the permissions below to provide the highest level of access to Percolate features and functionality.
Add, activate, edit and delete people.
Add and edit course information.
Add course content.
Organize the order in which course content displays.
Add, edit or delete tags.
Assign tagged people to tagged courses.
Create, view, save and publish favorite reports for people, courses and tags.
View LMS statistics.
Reset permissions for other users.
Send email communications.
Manage People View LMS statistics.
Add, edit or delete people from the LMS.
Send email communications.
Manage Courses View, add and edit course information.
View and add course content.
Organize the order in which content displays for a user.
Manage Assign! Assign tagged people to tagged courses.
Manage Tags View, add, edit and delete tags.
Manage Reports Create, view, save and publish favorite reports for people, courses and tags.
View Saved Reports Only View favorite reports and view report on account settings page.
Allow this person access to their SCORM Terminal Settings Troubleshoot SCORM courses when the SCORM Terminal is active.
Manage the SCORM Terminal On setting as an account setting.

Sometimes too many choices can be daunting. That is why we have developed a set of typical profiles to illustrate how you may want to use Percolate.

Setting or changing a person's permissions

A person's permissions are set when their account is created. People with Is Account Admin access can change another person's permissions at any time. If you can change a person's permissions, you will see the permissions listed when looking at any other person's profile. Notice how permissions are expanded under Advanced Settings. By default, the permissions are collapsed under Advanced Settings.

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