Using the template to bulk upload people

With Percolate LMS™, importing multiple people couldn’t be easier. Simply download and open the example template located on the People tab, which helps you map every person’s data to the correct fields. As an administrator, you can use this template to add your own people and their details using any program that can work with a CSV file.

Note: Before importing the updated example template into Percolate, make sure to delete the example people from the template.

Filling out the template

Fill out a row for each new user you want to add to your LMS. The columns in the example template are largely the same as those fields you enter for adding a person.

Demographic Information

The first few fields in the CSV file contain the demographic information. Consider the following guidelines while entering values into these columns:

  • Name: Include a space between first and last name.
  • Email: Value must be in a valid email address format.
  • Phone: Displays in Percolate the same way you format it in the CSV file.
  • Active: Acceptable values are blank, Yes or No. If set to blank or No, the person’s status is set to inactive.


The next several columns allow you to add permissions for a person. Acceptable values for these cells are blank, Yes or No. If a cell is blank or No, the person will not have access to the features associated with that permission. If you feel overwhelmed by your choices, consider following a typical profile.


The next two columns allow you to set or delete tags. You don’t need to add tags to import people; you can leave this blank. However, it’s important to tag your people at some point. Otherwise, you won’t be able to assign them courses or track them with reports.

The column labeled user_tags allows you to associate tags to your people. If the tag doesn’t currently exist, it is automatically added to your LMS. To add multiple tags to one person, simply include all the tags in one cell separated by a semicolon.

The column labeled delete_tags allows you to list the name of the tags you want to delete for a person. If this is your first time importing people, you probably don’t have any tags to delete. This column is typically used if you Export People in order to maintain several people at a time.


As you probably recall, each new person added to Percolate receives a reset password email. You can use the password column to manually set the password for user(s).

Optionally, use the column labeled password as a fail-safe mechanism to preset a password in case the entered email address is incorrect.

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