Enable self-registration

Percolate enables administrators to send a self-registration link that allows existing or new users to self-register for courses. When a learner receives and clicks the self-registration link, a webpage will open and display your custom welcome message. From the webpage that displays, learners can create an account or sign in using an existing account. When the learner logs in the next time, his or her Dashboard displays the courses.

Assigning courses to the people tag

Before distributing the self-registration link, assign courses to people. Otherwise, when a person registers, he or she will not see the courses on the Dashboard. To make assignments, the people and the course tags must have at least one person and one course associated with each respective tag.

To assign courses to the people tag, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. From the Filter People By Tag box, click on a tag.
  3. Click the Assign Courses button.

Distribute the self-registration link by copying and pasting the URL into an email or by including it in your e-commerce solution. Prior to sending out the self-registration link, consider customizing the welcome message that displays.

By default, the following text displays as the welcome message: “Welcome! Select the appropriate link below to log in to the Learning Management System (LMS) and start taking your course or courses. We are excited to have you as part of our learning community and look forward to having you as a member. If you have any questions or comments, please contact your LMS administrator.”

To distribute the self-registration link, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the People tab.
  2. From the Filter People By Tag box, click on the appropriate tag.
  3. Click the Click here for the self registration link and options for this tag link.
  4. Type your personalized message in the Custom Message field, if desired.
  5. Click Save Custom Message, if applicable.
  6. Copy the self-registration URL and paste it into an email or as part of your e-commerce solution.
    Note: You don’t need to worry about duplicate users because Percolate checks for duplicate user names.

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