Tagging 102: The power of tags

The basis for any LMS is to track people and course data. One of the unique and powerful features of the Percolate LMS™ is its tagging system. Tags allow you to assign and track course data with ease.

Make course assignments

When your people and courses have the appropriate tags, making assignments is intuitive.

For example, say you’re the learning administrator for a major food service company called the ACME Corporation. You’re responsible for assigning courses to learners. You’ve just learned of a new mandate that requires managers and servers to complete a food safety course.

To make the assignment in Percolate, simply drag and drop the course tag to the people tag. Since it’s a required course, you can set options to indicate if the course is required, and the date it is due.

Track learning with reports

Custom tags allow administrators to create their own combination of people and courses to report on. Percolate does not limit the amount of data that you can retrieve from the LMS. Without limits, you can literally track and analyze learning in any way you wish. Furthermore, you can view reports onscreen or download them.

Using the above example, say you want to see reports for managers or servers assigned to the food safety course. As the administrator for ACME Corporation, you can create any number of reports. Here are a few ideas:

  • Identify every person assigned to a course.
  • Identify each person’s status in the course (e.g. started, complete or incomplete).
  • Identify people who are doing well or struggling, by tracking SCORM data.
  • Identify whether due dates are being met or in peril.

Welcome to the power and flexibility of using tags!

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