Tagging 101: How should I get started?

In the Percolate LMS, tags are unique keywords you associate with people or courses to create flexible classifications that are adaptable to any structure.

Tags are used to group, filter, assign and report on people or courses. They can be any text, even multiple words, used to describe your people and courses. In addition, if a tag no longer fits your organization, you can change or delete it at any time. Furthermore, you can associate more than one tag to a single person or a course.

Before creating tags, decide how you want to organize the people in your LMS and the types of courses they are going to take. To get you started, this article has some questions and examples you can use to decide on the tags that will fit your company.

Tag suggestions

When deciding on the tags that fit your company, begin by thinking about your organizational structure. Create people tags that reflect the groups or teams of people within your organization. Create course tags that reflect the kind of training offered. Here are example questions you can use to help you identify appropriate people tags:

  • What are the job titles for my learners (e.g., salesperson, director, manager, vice president)?
  • What are the departments in our organization (e.g., sales, customer service, accounting, products, services)?
  • Do we group people by the countries where we do business?
  • Do we group people by time zones?
  • Do we have alliances?
  • Do we have a career progression plan for functional areas?

When determining the tags to associate with courses, think about what the course offers. For example:

  • Does it familiarize newly hired people with the organization and it rules?
  • Does it help employees upgrade his or her skills (e.g., systems training)?
  • Does it provide employees education about laws and regulations (e.g., HIPAA compliance, sexual harassment)?
  • Does it offer education specifically targeted at certain groups (e.g., sales, executive/leadership, call center)?

By using these example questions to identify the appropriate tags, the tags you create might look similar to these examples:

  • People tags: Sales Person, Manager, Southwest Region
  • Course tags: New Hire Training, Compliance Training, System Training

Tag taxonomy

You can associate more than one tag to a person or a course, which provides flexibility when assigning courses. For example, say that Jane Doe is a learner in the LMS. Jane is a director of sales in the southwest region and is a newly hired employee. Some of the tags you might consider associating with her could include the following:

  • Sales
  • Director
  • Southwest Region
  • New Hire

Now, say that every director in your organization needs compliance training. To make the assignment, you can filter all people tagged with “Director” and then bulk-assign the compliance course to the directors.

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