Communication 101: Getting your message to right people

Managing communication for training announcements, upcoming due dates, surveys, assessment reminders or other important matters is easy with Percolate. You compose your own custom emails, and with the power of tags, you can target the right people.

Communication suggestions

For example, say you’re the learning administrator for a financial organization. The customer service group is getting ready to roll out a new training initiative. You’re responsible for notifying the different teams in the group of the available and required resources. It is also your job to conduct a post-training evaluation survey of participants. The initiative uses a blended approach, and some people only require certain pieces of the training. Additionally, the post-training evaluation survey is important to your organization. Stakeholders are eager to see the results to determine overall effectiveness. When deciding on the communications that fit your initiative, begin by thinking about the messages that will be important to your learners or teams. Ask questions like the following:

  • Is a welcome letter appropriate?
  • Is a course required?
  • Are there specific due dates for completion?
  • Are there any prerequisites?
  • Are there non-required resources available as a part of the course?
  • Are learners required to complete a post-training evaluation survey?
  • Will your messages vary by team?

The Communicate tab in Percolate reduces the complexity of communicating to the different teams in the customer service group. Simply compose the various communications you need, select the tags for the people you want to target and then send your messages. Additionally, once an email message exists in Percolate, you can tailor and reuse the message for different teams.

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