Create and maintain tags

In Percolate, you’ll use tags to create the structure for your categories of people and course collections. Access the People and Courses tabs to create and view this structure.

Viewing a list of your tags

View a list of your tags on the corresponding People or Courses tab in the Filter (People/Courses) By Tag box.

Adding a new tag

To add a new tag, enter the name in Add new tag field. You can also add tags by entering a new tag name while adding and maintaining people or courses.

Maintaining a tag

Depending on which tab (People or Courses) you’re on, click a tag from the Filter People By Tag or Filter Courses By Tag box. This action displays the details for that specific tag. When viewing the details for a tag, you can maintain that tag by:

  • Renaming the tag
  • Assigning people and courses
  • Deleting the tag

Additionally, when viewing a tag’s details from the People tab, you can access a self-registration URL.

Renaming or deleting a tag

To rename or delete a tag, first view its details by clicking on a tag in the Filter (People/Courses) By Tag area of the People or Courses tab. To rename the tag, enter a new name in the name field and click Rename.

To delete the tag, click Delete. Deleting a tag will delete any assignments for the tag. It will not delete any people, courses or tracking records.

Assigning courses or people from a tag’s details

The steps to assign people and courses from a tag’s details are similar to making assignments from the Assign! tab. The major difference is that clicking the Assign Courses button filters the list so that you only see the people or courses associated with the tag you selected.

To assign courses or people from a tag's details, perform the following steps:

  1. From the People or Courses tab, click on a tag. The tag’s details display.
  2. Click the Assign Courses button. The Assign tab displays, singling out those people or courses for assignment.
    Note: People and courses must have a tag to make assignments.

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