SCORM transparency

You shouldn’t need a rocket scientist to troubleshoot and explain the reasons why your SCORM course is failing to launch or track properly. Identifying where the problem lies should be obvious.

With the SCORM terminal, people with the right permissions can identify the problem in the courseware in real-time and in plain English.

When a course is launched, the SCORM terminal displays the communication between the content and SCORM. In addition, a person can delete the records stored during troubleshooting attempts to avoid distorting report results with troubleshooting data.

Launch Content

View the SCORM terminal by launching course content, or if assigned, by launching content from the Dashboard. The SCORM terminal displays the communications between the content and the LMS.

Content Results

In the Content Results area, view the date launched, completion date and status for the content. Click the Delete your content results button to delete SCORM records captured during troubleshooting.

SCORM Results

The SCORM Results area displays an overall score and status, plus the details for every interaction. Click the Refresh SCORM results button to update the results while troubleshooting.

Interaction Detail

The detail for each interaction identifies the interaction and its type. It also shows the person’s response and indicates whether the response was correct. In short, everything you need to know for your troubleshooting is right at your fingertips. If you do need to see interaction details for a specific person, or a group of people, you can download interaction details by exporting your training records.

Delete Records

Chances are good that you may not want the SCORM data generated from a troubleshooting attempt to show up in reports. When using the SCORM terminal, you can delete your results. The deleted results include all your scores, status dates and SCORM data for the course you are troubleshooting.

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