Learner certainty assessment

Learner Certainty Assessments (LCA) is a two-part assessment strategy that asks learners to answer a question and to indicate how certain they are that their answer is correct. LCA results provide administrators and learners with enhanced testing diagnostics that can assist with:

  • Gauging an individual's needs
  • Monitoring progress
  • Checking for understanding
  • Reducing risks incurred by faulty understanding
  • Encouraging self-direction
  • Decreasing the potential for faulty measurement due to a lucky guess
  • Increasing the level of activity by asking learners to reflect on what they know and don’t know

Enabling LCA

Enable LCA for a quiz by selecting the Ask people how certain they are of their answers setting. You can choose whether learners see the results by selecting the Show a certainty report at the end of the quiz setting.

Providing learner’s instruction

If you incorporate LCA into a quiz, you might consider providing instruction to learners, like the following: “As you answer each question, you’ll notice a second response you need to make for each item. From the drop down menu, select High, Medium or Low to indicate how sure you are of your answer. Click the Submit Answer button to check your answer.”

Viewing quiz results

You can download a report to a CSV formatted file to see results for the quiz. The downloaded report shows the interaction data for people who have taken the quiz.

Perform the following steps to download quiz results:

  1. Click the Courses tab.
  2. Click the Edit icon in the Actions column to select a course.
  3. From the Content area, click the Edit this content action icon for the quiz.
  4. Click Get Results!

Using results

After learners take the quiz, analyze the data and use it to benefit learners and your organization. Here are a few ideas for how learners and organizations can use LCA results.

With LCA results, learners can:

  • Analyze all issues related to a question, not just the question alone.
  • Contemplate and identify the reliability of their answers, thus gaining confidence.
  • Analyze how much and well they understand new concepts.
  • Analyze misconceptions about their knowledge.
  • Actively participate in the assessment and learning process, reducing rote or passive participation.

With LCA results, organizations can:

  • Validate the effectiveness of instruction and/or assessment questions.
  • Discover more about learners’ needs and adjust instruction to improve individual achievement and/or improve test questions.
  • Predict employees’ level of reliability for completing job functions correctly.
  • Gain credibility with funding sources by functionally demonstrating the effectiveness of the training within the constraints of learner behavior.

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