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ple** tab, click the [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Click here to add a new person]] link and fill out the user profile information. * To add more than one person, use the example template, w... ures. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Adding and maintaining people]] ===== ... gs|Creating and maintaining tags]] ===== How do I add a tag? ===== *From the **People** or **Courses
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| [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add]], [[administrator_tasks:people:acti... | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add]] and [[administrator_tasks:courses:... | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|Add]] course content.| ... | [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content#arranging_course_conten
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** content type. Perform the following steps to add a quiz to a course: - Click the **Courses** tab... tions** column to select a course. - From the **Add Content** area, select the **Quiz Builder** conte... text in the **Your text goes here** area. - To add an image: - Click the **Browse for image** bu... n to **Close page**, **Duplicate this page** or **Add new page after this page**.\\ **Note:** The Add n
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= CSV Export (Ticket #203326) ===== * //Can you add the ability for me to export my reports? For cour... course incorrectly and I can't change it. Can you add the necessary functionality to allow content name... 120808|version 2012 August 8 - 1.120808]]. ===== Add Email Notification when a new person has been add... 808]]. * See also: [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Adding a person]] ===== Custom Logo (Tic
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As an administrator, you can use this template to add your own people and their details using any progr... ==== Fill out a row for each new user you want to add to your LMS. The columns in the example template ... fields you enter for [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|adding a person]]. {{ : administrator_t... ssions ==== The next several columns allow you to add [[administrator_tasks:people:setting_roles_permis
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king to a specific section is possible, too. Just add the section name behind a hash character as known... interwiki links). ===== Footnotes ===== You can add footnotes ((This is a footnote)) by using double parentheses. You can add footnotes ((This is a footnote)) by using double parentheses. ===== Sec... {{ wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }} Of course, you can add a title (displayed as a tooltip by most browsers)
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===== Add a course ===== A course is a container for [[administrator_tasks:orientation:courses:courses... gs to the course. ===== Adding a course ===== To add a course, perform the following steps: - Click ... he **Courses** tab. - Click the **Click here to add a new course** link. - Enter the name of the co... for the course in the **Description** field. - Add any associated [[welcome:glossary#tag|tags]]. -
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> //**__Tour Part 5: Adding People__**// <WRAP > Add and find [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_perso... //**__Tour Part 7: Adding a Course__**// <WRAP > Add [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|course... :orientation:courses:courses_101|content types]], add course content and view reports about courses. </
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r :en> //**__Part 5: Adding People__**// <WRAP > Add and find [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_perso... :en> //**__Part 7: Adding a Course__**// <WRAP > Add [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|course... :orientation:courses:courses_101|content types]], add course content and view reports about courses. </
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Courses ====== * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|Add and arrange course content]] * [[administrator_tasks:co
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===== In addition to [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|adding one person]] at a time, administr... issions and settings for every person you want to add. - From the **People** tab, click **Import Peop... ample template]] * [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|Add a person]] * [[administrator_tasks
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maintain tags]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_a_course|Add a course]] * [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|Add or arrange course content]]
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) By Tag]] box. ===== Adding a new tag ===== To add a new tag, enter the name in **Add new tag** field. You can also add tags by entering a new tag name while adding and maintaining [[administrator_tas
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ing_tags|tagging]], [[administrator_tasks:courses:add_or_arrange_course_content|content uploading]], and [[administrator_tasks:people:add_a_person|creating people]] and [[administrator_tasks:assigning_pe
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